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Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


Hair Goals 2015

Hair Goals:

Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today I am Seven Weeks Post

so i am seven weeks post; three weeks to go. i have about an inch NG in the middle of my head. the rest is alittle budding NG, lol, if that makes any since. i have constantly been thinking about my strength challenge that is coming up soon. i also tried Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave in. ok, here's the review:
so i decided to co-wash my hair today. i used my suave conditioner. i took time and rubbed my scalp with my fingers to help rinse some of the castor oil still on my scalp. after letting the conditioner set for at least five minutes, i rinsed and my hair was so soft. i pulled my hair to see how strong it was and my hair was snapping! i was so upset. my hair has no strength at all. i add the HE LTR onto my hair in small sections. my hair felt great. it was so soft. my mistake was sitting under a hood dryer set on high. that was my mistake. my hair was so dry. so i added a tad more to my dry hair. it started softening up and i sealed with kemi oyl. i am bagging at this moment. i feel like that after this all night bagging my hair will be softer. for now on, i will only air dry with this product. i am going to try this product on wet hair again and airdry next time. that will let me know whether or not i need to keep this product in my regimen. i feel like i will not be let down.

my journey to stronger hair -
i am going to use hardly any direct heat
more protective styles
less combing
plenty of oil and moisture

my setbacks of growing longer hair -
no protective styles
direct heat
unnecessary trims

after my august relaxer, i am going carefully consider doing a 19 week stretch. it would be 4 and 3/4 month stretch. its crazy but i will think about and have my mind made up by my october relaxer.

but back to this wash, so my hair shedded alot during the wash. my hair shedded even worse during the application of the leave in. OMG!!! i didn't shed as bad during the hood dryer experience. i am still learning how to take care of my wet hair. its very hard. my hair hates being touch while wet. i am still learning. i have a few more washes before my august 1st relaxer. i feel like i may get the hang of it a little faster than i think.

so far, this 10 week stretch has been ok, alot better than my last stretch, lol. its less arguing with my mom about why am i not trying to do anything with my hair.

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