Current Hair Info

Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


Hair Goals 2015

Hair Goals:

Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Monday, July 30, 2012


Before I started a healthy hair journey, I only knew about one kind of conditioning. That type was the one that followed behind shampoo, lol, and that was it. I have heard of deep conditioning and leave in conditioners, but I have to admit, it was one of those things that I thought that took a lot of knowledge before actually doing because you do not want your hair to fall out. Yeah, I was that lost. Lol. Anywho, I have learned so much since being on this journey, and I wanted to share my information about conditioners.

One thing I learned about rinsing out conditioners is that it is best to wash it out with cool to cold water. It is best not to strip the moisture and nutrients out of your hair. How do we wash dishes? With hot water, hopefully, lol. In my opinion, hot water cleanses more than cold water. If hot water rinses the conditioner out, it is rinsing out all of the moisture you put in your hair. Isn’t that wasting conditioner? I would think so. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate wasting stuff that I have paid good money for. Another fact about cold water, it closes your cuticles in your scalp and hair where hot water from shampooing has left opened. This keeps your scalp cleaner by closing your cuticles. So, I am a big believer in rinsing with cold water.

Who use to like soaking their hair in globs and globs of conditioners? *waves* ME!!! Lol. Boy, I remember those days where a bottle of shampoo can last three times longer than a bottle of conditioner. One day long ago, I bought a brand new bottle of conditioner. I washed my hair one time and half the bottle was gone. I was in dire need of some knowledge. Did you know that it could be really unhealthy to put a lot of conditioner on your hair? Research states that too much conditioner on the hair could “smother” the hair, or too much conditioner will not allow the hair to absorb a healthy amount. How do one know how much conditioner to use. Bottles say dime size and quarter size. However, one can use up to two and three quarter size amounts. Research also says that the time you leave conditioner on could be unhealthy. Some research states that hours and hours of conditioning could be “smothering”.  Since leave in conditioners are not wash out conditioners, it is important not to use that much leave in conditioner because you do not want to over moisturize your hair and not allow your hair to reap the wonderful benefits.

One thing I learned that there was something called a protein conditioner. Now, I always thought that was an oxymoron, you know, opposites. However, when I learned how to work a protein conditioner, I could really tell a difference. The protein conditioner of my choice is ORS replenishing conditioner. Boy, do it smell good?! I use this as my protein conditioner, when my hair feels really straw-like. I apply a package of this good stuff on with twenty minutes under a dryer. My hair feels like butter.

It is a lot of information, but I really can get used to changing my conditioning ways around.

Unrelated to Hair, but BAD NEWS!!!! :(

I definitely hate typing this particular blog post, but my blog journey would not be genuine without discussing the hardships and rejections that one may encounter during their career journey. With that said, I am forced to spell it out to my readers...that I did NOT get accepted into grad school.
This was one hard pill to swallow.

I received the news sometime late last week. Through email, I was alerted that my application was received WAY after the commitee decided on who they wanted in their program WAY before the deadline. Sadly, I was amongst the ones not picked to start graduate school in the Fall. This sucks. I felt like I did everything I was supposed to. I have invested so much money into applying for this school and taking tests, only to be let down. *sighs*

Another devastating blow is the fact that this was the only graduate school I applied to. So, I have no Plan Bs. Also, not being in school will cause me to lose my insurance. Most of the grad school fall due dates have passed; however, there is one small glimmer of hope that I could take up an online degree. At this point, I really don't care where or how. Just let me get in soon, please.

I am trying to remain hopeful because my cousin will be leaving for pharmacy school in two days. I want to remain hopeful that I, too, can pull it through and get into someone's school; a school of what I really want to do. She keeps me hopeful because she was an underdog for a while. No one believed that she would do it.

Now I feel like the underdog. I feel like I have let myself down. I have really learned a valuable lesson in procrastination. LOL. I have also learned a lesson in having plans. Even though my main plan sounds like an awesome plan, there are possibilities that the one you have your heart set is not the one for you. I have learned that now. But secretly, I don't even know if I ever wanted to go to grad school. This blow to my ego has really allowed me to reevaluate myself and what I want in a career. I have realize that I am so lazy as far as getting to the title. It seems like I just want the title: grad student, professional employee, career woman, etc. Do I even want to work for it anymore? With every approaching day, the answer is I do not feel like doing a thing. I want to lay in bed and pout about how I do not have a job and now how I am not in school and I have no plan Bs and that I will be in parents' house forever. UGH! That last one makes my stomach hurts just thinking about. However, regardless of how bad I do not want to work for it, if I want it...I will work for it.

So, I may have been knocked down this round, but I am still in this fight. Don't count me out yet. But do pray with me.

SORRY FOR THIS RANDOM POST! But thanks for taking the time and reading another portion of my life, aside from my hair journey. Please continue to follow my career journey blog:

Hair Update!!!

So how about my I couldn't comb my hair yesterday. It was horrible. I couldn't even finger comb my length. Ugh!!! I was like, I can wait until the end of August. However, when I tried to pull my hair into a ponytail, hairs started snapping at the joint where natural and relaxed meet. UH OH! Not a good sign. I went ahead and decided to relax at six weeks. I wrote on my Twitter that I was happy and sad that I relaxed my hair. My hair did not relax bone straight. About 70 percent of my NG was texlaxed. I could not believe my luck. I also decided to trim my hair. I trimmed my hair until it was blunt, even and full. It took me above APL; however, it looks good. It hasn't looked this good in a long time. My hair looks thick, feels heavy but has so much body and movement. It is so soft.

I am officially SL again. However, I am at a healthy length, and I do not regret trimming my hair. I am now concentrating on babying my ends. I have even hair. no thin ends. I am grateful and I am going to do my best to maintain my blunt-ness, lol.

I relaxed with ORS normal relaxer. I believe this is going to be my last time using this relaxer. I seriously think that I am moving on to a different relaxer. Another thing that I am going to do different is invest in a better and more efficient application tool. I have been researching and found a tool that I am interested in. My issue is lack of something. I cannot get all of my hair smooth. Everytime I end up telaxing, it is always completely by accident.

I am going to continue with my biotin. I take three a night. My nails are showing great results from my biotin use. I am going to continue to moisturize my hair the new way that I have learned how to. I am also going to incorporate liquid castor oil back into my regimen. Another thing that I am going to look into is a bigger hood dryer. I attempted a roller set with my huge gray rollers and had to take them out because I couldn't fit under the dryer. UGH! So, I could use advice on finding a bigger dryer for a great price. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Updates and My Personal August Challenge

So, I have worn my hair down all summer. It has literally not been up at all. I have read that it is good to put your hair up to keep your shirts from drying out your ends when your hair falls on your shoulders. I am a firm believer in that. However, I have been such a girlie-girl lately. I have to have my hair down. I look and feel feminine. Also, it has been looking so good, that I would feel bad to put it up and lose out on rocking my hair that day. Idk, my journey has been full of debates, whether or not should I wear my hair up or down, benefits of wearing my hair up or down. If I wear it down, it looks nice but my hair could be dried out by shirt fabrics. If I wear it up, my ends are protected, but the hair tie could wear into my hair and cause breakage. Ugh, the dilemna. Although I have been at the crossroads of my hair journey, I am still hopeful that I will prevail. I have decided that I am going to give my answer about my continuing the hair journey on August 31st. I have also decided to relax my hair August 30th, marking me at 10 weeks exactly.

Back to the ponytail, I am going to make August my BUN MONTH. I am going to need to bun like crazy that month. One, because I want to retain my length and protect my ends. Two, I want to attempt to pull of feminine looks with a bun. I am hoping to capture a picture a day, so that I can mark my progress. I am going to start July 29th and end August 29th. I am so excited!!! I have never done a bun challenge, and I am excited about starting. I am going to research about ponytails like I have done other research posts. Be on the lookout for that post. Also, I am going to have a flatiron post and a relaxer prep post. Be on the look for those.

More about my challenge, it is MY OFF THE SHOULDER CHALLENGE. I can wear any hair style, but it has to be off the shoulder. Pretty much, I am limiting myself to buns; however, I can attempt tight rod sets. The only way I am going to attempt them is if I HAVE WORN MY HAIR IN A BUN AT LEAST A WEEK. I have to set rules for myself. Once my curls start to fall, I am going to have to put them up or pin them up. What I am trying to do is make bunning a safe habit for me and my hair. If that works out for me, I will attempt the challenge again in October.

Another thing that I am going to work on is satin pillowcases for my mother and I. My mom's hair was doing so good, but she does not like tying her hair up at night and when she does, she puts the know halfway up her head. I cannot beat it in her head no more than I have already tried. Now, her hair is suffering. In the back of her head, it is thinning out so bad. I want so bad for her hair to grow out and do better, but she won't do better. Very frustrating.

I have a month before I give my decision. I have to admit one thing: I trimmed my hair last night. It was no more than an inch, but the trim was needed to keep a blunt look in the back. Obvious, I should not expect much length difference come the end of August, but I am looking for health. I haven't been on the heat. I have been taking the biotin. I have been moisturizing and oiling properly, shampooing and conditioning properly. I have notice a difference with me moisturizing and oil differently and shampooing differently. I am noticing a difference in health. However, I see where more work is needed. I need to work on my leave-in selection. I will be working on all of this the rest of this month and all of next month. I believe to be crucial to the health of my hair. Watch out for more updates and posts.

See you at the next one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Hair Inspiration

Teyana Tayloy has the most beautiful hair that I have laid eyes on. I am not sure is she natural or chemically treated, but if I was to take a guess, I would say natural. Even though I am relaxed and have no future plans of transistioning to natural, I would love to have her hair. Like that would ever happen. The style she is rocking in the above pic is my type of style, big hair. I love big, huge hair. I would wear my hair big everyday if I could. I would wear this style as my wedding hair seriously.

Alot of girls dream about their weddings, and I am have been doing alot of considering about my own. My boyfriend and I have been together for 26 months. We have both graduated from college. Personally, I am ready to settle down. He isn't because he feels like we need a few more years before we make that big step. That is fine. I can respect that. I am going to have to respect it if I want to be with him, lol.

I used to have these goals where I wanted to predict that my hair would be this long this year and that long the next year. I have been predicting my hair for length after length year after year and I am still the same length that I started with. Right now, my only goal other than healthy hair, I would absolutely love MBL to WL hair for my wedding. A wedding may not take place for another three to five years, but I believe that I can achieve some length then, right?

Teyana Taylor will be my hair inspiration until this make believe wedding, lol. She is my inspiration period. I want to try to achieve her thickness and length. It is beautiful, and I want it BADLY. LOL!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Like, I promised - A LENGTH CHECK PHOTO

I promised on that I was going to change my length photo with a more current picture. Well, here it is. This picture was take Sunday, July 15th. I used my heat pass then. I washed my hair using  my new found shampoo technique, conditioned with no heat for ten minutes and applied my leave-ins: Keratin and Green Tea spray, Dark and Lovely deep conditioning moisturizer, a little setting lotion and a small amount of wrap lotion. I air dried for a while then got under the dryer with my hair hanging. I stayed under there for about thirty minutes. I air dried the reamining spot which took about ten minutes. I flat ironned my hair start, with no curl or bump. And here I am:

I trimmed a very minscule amount of my hair, so little that I couldn't put a measurement on it. But I am trying to keep a somewhat even look to it. The picture is not that good, but it was the best I could do. My brother did not want to take this picture of me. Anywho, I am way shorter than what I was in the previous length check photo. In this pic, it looks like I am barely grazing APL. :( I hate looking at this picture, and I am going to hate more that I am going to have to replace my previous picture with a pic with where I have back tracked. However, I am going to used this pic as my inspiration. I have been this length my entire HHJ. It is frustrating. This is the crap that makes me want to give up. But, I am holding on until August 31, remember. So, I am going to see what is going to happen then.

Ok, after I i flat ironned my hair, I out satin rollers in. This is the outcome. It looks gorgeous. My hair had so much body and it was so soft. I acheive this with six jumbo satin rollers. I really like it, but I am going to give a much more detail experience about my satin rollers in a few weeks. I am still working on that blog.

I wanted to share this photo with you all. I have become this person who has all her hair products and styling tools EVERYWHERE. Thank the Heavens that I have this space behind my bedroom door. Now, ALL of my things are stacked behind my door at 5 feet. This area is holding everything: rollers, combs, brushes, pins, accessories, products, etc. Whatever you think of EXCEPT my hood dryer, flat iron and blow dryer.
Alrighty, well, I will catch you at the next one.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Sneak Peak of My Store

Hello, everyone. I hope this post finds you all in great spirits. I am writing this quick post because I wanted to alert everyone with samples of the products that I am going to carry in my online store. My official store is not opened for business yet, but I am selling my product now. I have a couple of things posted on this blog. After reading this post, please go to my blog. Under my blog title, you will see a link called Shop My Store. Here is the link to that page:

I will be posting samples of my product every couple of weeks up until the grand opening of my store, which is September 30th. If you are interested in anything, please email me at

The email address is on the page as well. There are further details on that page. Please take a look and support me. If you cannot support me with your own purchase, please pass the word about the things I am selling. So, thank you in advance. I will see you at my next post.

Operation: OMI - Proper Shampoo Technique

Ok. I am going to be the first one to admit out loud, in the open, in public, on the internet, for everyone to see. I DID NOT KNOW THAT SHAMPOO WAS ONLY FOR YOUR SCALP. Call me special it you want, but I absolutely did not know this information. I was on a website about Black Hair Care Tips. A sentence read: Remember, Shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for your hair. I was like, hmm. Ok, let me learn more about what is really going on. After reading that, I really went back to the basics. I went and looked up the definition for SHAMPOO. Sure did. Of course it said something about how it is a hair product that rids the HAIR of dirt, oils and dandruff. and Then, it talked about how the job of shampoo is to clean the scalp without stripping the scalp's natural oil.

Of course, I had to see what were the bad things to stay away from when washing your hair. There were three things that stuck out: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, DEA and TEA. What in the so-so are these things and why are they so bad???

So, how about this chemical is said to be on the chopping block as a possible CARCINOGEN. Like, I said before, I was a biology major in college. Baby, that mean CANCER CAUSING!!! What is really going on? How in the world are we allowing ourselves to put this in our hair??? Before I really lose my mind, I am going to continue. Anywho, this ingredient is harsh, this is why if you use any shampoo containing this susbtance, why your eyes burns. Websites are warning us to stay away from this and the following ingredients:  ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium xylene sulfonate and TEA lauryl sulfate. Whether or not the cancer-causing theories are true or not, these ingredients are harsh. If all of these are combined in one product, what are we really looking at? I believe that I am more than convinced to read up more on my shampoos. I know that my ORS Clarifying Shampoo has all of these. And I really love this product. It is a really good shampoo. My scalp feels clean EVERYTIME I use. I am wondering do I need to cut this product out entirely or a small amount. Hmm. The bottle does direct one to use a small amount of the product. I don't know how many people out there who were like me, but when I use to shampoo, I had to have a handful of product to feel like I was getting the job done. I am considering doing any experiement, using my old shampoo versus an organic shampoo with little to none of these products in it. I am going to take this new information about how to proper shampoo hair and see what will happen.

I do not have an organic shampoo, but I have decided that I am going to purchase Hair One shampoo. It has no sulfates in it, so I am going to give that one a try whenever I get a chance to purchase it. Until then, the shampoo that I am going to ride with is going to be Suave Almond and Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo. I went out and bought this shampoo and applied my new washing technique.

Ok, so the first thing I did was rinse my entire head and scalp with water alone at the hottest temperature I could stand. By doing this, I was saturating my hair with natural moisture, riding my hair of the week worth of moisturizer and oils. Before I washed my hair, my hair had gotten quite greasy. After I finished with the water, my hair felt clean just from that. So, that was a plus. Next I got a large amount shampoo in my hands (about larger than a quarter) and tried my best to just apply it to my scalp. I rubbed and massaged my scalp good, only concentrating on the scalp and not the hair. I rinsed it out, making sure that I did not leave any product in and repeated using way less shampoo the second time. I rubbed, massaged and rinsed. My hair had that squeaky clean feeling: gift and curse, right. It felt very clean, but it was like it was stripped of everything. But, no worries. I followed up with my Suave Keratin Infused Conditioner for Color Treated and Frizzy Hair. I applied quite a bit of the conditioner to my hair. I let the conditioner set in with no heat for about ten minutes and rinsed with cool to cold water. THAT WAS IT!!! I could not tell you how great the experience was.

I feel like I have really learned alot with researching about the proper way to shampoo my hair.
I learned that I should use the hot water to open my pores and cold water to close them when shampooing and conditioning. I can really see the importance in it and the difference. I will continue to wash my hair this way.

I really wanted to stray away from shampoo, but that was probably due to the fact that I did not have this knowledge. I am so glad that I have decided to look into shampooing. I feel like I have really tackled an issue in my hair journey that will make alot difference time and time agin. So, I am going to stick to shampooing my hair, but I am going to read my labels a little closer to be aware of what I am putting into my hair.
Below, I put a link where I got my bad ingredients from if you want to read further. Also, in the next two posts, I am going to have the results of my research on proper leave-ins, proper flat ironning technique, length check plus photo, plans for future relaxer and hair vitamins. So, be on the look out for those. I have really put everything into these researches. They have really benefitted me, and I hope that I have at least helped alert anyone who was on a destructive path as I was. Well, that is all for this blog post. I will see you really soon!!!

Read more: Bad Ingredients in Hair Shampoo |

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update on New Way to Moisturize

If you have read my previous blog post, I have learned how to moisturize my hair in the "right way". Right way, to me, being that I am using the appropiate products that ensure moisture and nothing to dry out my hair. I refuse to go back doing wrong by my hair when I have been fed this incredible knowledge.
So, I moisturized my hair with my moisturizer that contains no alcohol, pertroleum or mineral oil. Then, I moisturized my roots and length with coconut oil and my ends with castor oil. Why the two different oils in two different places. One because castor oil seals entire better than coconut oil, in my opinion. I would rather the better sealing oil on my ends. Also, coconut oil adds the more shine to my hair. So I rather use coconut oil on my roots and length and concentrate on those areas with it. Not too complicated, right? I believe that this will be an excellent start to a great moisturizing relationship. So, the results??? Well, I moisturized my hair this way for the first time last night. When I unwrapped my hair this morning, my hair was 1) not over moisturized 2) not greasy at all 3) light and full of swing 4) 50% better shine 5) full of body 6) everything I always wanted.
I am so grateful. I give this moisturizing tip five stars!!! Kudos for research! I cannot wait until I crack my other issues. I am doing research on a few other issues. So be on the look out for me to disect these problems ASAP. Toodles!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Operation: OMI - My Research On Moisturizing

I have not given up on my healthy hair journey just as yet. Just because I am disappointed in my hair growth and retaining length rate does not mean that I am going to be half doing it this summer. This summer is crucial to whether I am staying in the game or not. So, I decided to really disect the problem. Ok. What is one big issue I have with my hair journey...other than growth and retaining? Moisture. I have an issue with moisture, oiling and shine. So, I decided to do some research to help me gather more insight on my issue and possible consider new products to promote more healthy hair.

First thing I learned is that there are three things that are definitely not goood for your hair: pertroleum, mineral oil and alcohol. I was like o_O. There is mineral oil in some of my greases. I use pertroleum to base my hair for relaxers. I don't know what I use alcohol for, lol, but I was surprised about the other two. I researched each one more specificially and found out whether I should really stay away from each of these product ingredients.

First thing I learned about this ingredient was it is water repelling. loves water. Water is a source of moisture, right? I learned that pertroleum is a very easy way to add oil and shine to your hair. But it is false advertisement. Because we think hair is healthy when it is shiny, but pertroleum is like makeup over bad acne. Pertroleum makes hair LOOK moisturized. The hair is far from it. Especially if the hair is being packed day after day with this substance, it is actually drying the hair out more and more. Pertroleum on the scalp does not allow the scalp's natural oil to produce which can cause scalp issues, mainly dandruff. I used to be fooled that if you grease your scalp you are fighting the battle against dandruff. However, with pertroleum on the scalp, you are producing dandruff. HUH! Another thing, if pertroleum is applied to the shaft, or length, of your hair, it stops moisture from entering here, too. Well, I have learned my lesson. No pertroleum for me. When I looked in my bundle of hair surplies, nothing I use on a daily or weekly basis contains pertroleum. Thank Heavens!!! I do use vaseline to coat my hair for my relaxers. Since I only use it then, I have decided to continue to base my scalp with it, but to coat  my hair really well with it. I do not want the relaxer to over process my already-processed hair. So, I am convinced.

So, I learned that mineral oil comes from pertroleum. STRIKE ONE! Mineral oil has been deemed as one of the best moisturizing sealants. However, it does not take that much mineral oil to see its effects. So, there is some misconception about this oil. But it is probably the over use. I look among my prodcuts and see that half of my products contain mineral oil. So, my goal is cut down the use of these products by half. Mineral oil is useful and important, only due to the amount you use. Any amount in the excess could suffocate hair. I am learning, learning big time.

I would appreciate some additional information on alcohol in hair products because I found little information. In one study, I read that alcohol was horrible. In another study, I read that alcohol was another word for organic. o_O Now, I was a biology major in college. There is no way I would say that alcohol was in the same catergory as organic. So, I am alittle lost. Please feel free to comment below. You will be helping me out.

I have decided to take a new approach to moisturizing my hair now that I am educated with this information. I'M READY!
So, I first divided my hair in half, straight down the middle. Starting with one half, I moisturized it with a small amount of my African's Pride moisturizer, which contains none of the three listed above (I also learned that it doesn't take an entire bottle of moisturizer to do the trick). I applied coconut oil to my roots and the length of my hair. I applied castor oil to the ends of my hair. Ta-da! That was it simple as pie. My hair is wrapped and tied down. I cannot wait until tomorrow when I unveil my hard work from just one night. Toodles. Goodnight!!!

Roller Set on Gray Rollers

I have been thinking about attempting this big, beautiful, shining roller set on my head for about two weeks now. I have played out what I want to use and how I will perform it for so long. It is like I am training for the hair olympics or something, lol. First thing I did was washed my hair with Suave clarifying shampoo due to my visit to the beach. Next, I conditioned my hair with Suave Coconut Conditioner I sprayed my hair with Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Spray. Then, I sprayed my towel dryed hair lightly with LottaBody Setting Lotion. Next, I applied my Dark and Lovely 5 Moisture Leave In Conditioning Treatment. Last, I applied a small amount of foaming wrap lotion made by Shine. I rolled my hair on the gray rollers, using all of the 12 pack and  no additional rollers. Finally, I began my long journey under the dryer.
2 horribly long and hot hours under the dryer gave me sleek, crisp curls. I applied a small amount of African Pride Moisturizing Lotion onto my hair and wrapped my hair for bed. This morning, I unwrapped my hair and these are the results:

The top photo is a combed straight look and the bottom photo is after I messed with it with some finger combing. My hair looks shorter than usual, but I do have a LOT of shrinkage at my roots. I am not even three weeks post yet, but my hair was stripped of its relaxer due to pool water. So here is the lowdown on how I feel about this roller set...

Pros about my roller set -
1. I love how soft my hair is.
2. My hair has some body and movement.
Cons about my roller set -
1. My hair does not have shine and looks dull.
2. My hair is not have much moisture.
3. This roller set did not produce the body that I wanted.

Overall, I give this roller set 3 stars. Only because it isn't the body I wanted and my hair did not have the moisture and shine that I was strying to achieve. However, my hair is light and moves. ALSO, to have this much shrinkage, my hair laid pretty straight. other than the thick roots, my length of my hair turned out pretty good. So, I cannot totally fail this set. It gets a C.

I haven't used this Aphogee spray in about a year. I think I am going to start back using this product on a consistent wash and set day. The bottles says that this particular product is to improve strength and body. I would love to have both of these improved and look forward to use this in future washes.
See you all at the next post.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small BSS Haul

Hello, everyone. I am back from my mini vay cay. Like I stated in an earlier blog, I said that I was going to the BSS in that area to find some rollers. Well...when I got there, I wanted to buy so much more. I found my rollers. They were 2.49 for that 12 pack. I also bought more satin rollers. They were 2.49 for that six pack. I also bought some aphogee keratin and green tea for almost SEVEN DOLLARS!!! I cannot believe how high that has gotten. I bought me some jumbo hair pins for 1.99. So that sums up everything that I bought, besides the biotin. I did get that from a local Walmart.
Like I promised, I am going to do a blog-slash-review on a product and/or styling tools. I am going to get started on that and I will have another blog posted in a few hours.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Look For New Changes This Month

Here it is. July. I have been sitting here thinking about all of the things of my hair journey. Updates, setbacks, happiness, sorrow, depression, castor oil, biotin, relaxers and sheers have all played a huge part of my journey. And yet I have notbeen able to get a set regimen or have at least two months of consistency. I am want to admit defeat terribly soon.
However, I promised myself that I was going to give myself until the end of the summer to make up my mind. The official date for me is August 31st. On this date, I will definitely give you my answer. I have two full months to see a turn around and to give myself a little leeway where I can find a way to regain more consistency. So 8/31/12 is the day. I am hoping for good news actually. Regardless of my answer, by this date I refuse to let my hair make me feel so bad. I have to make a drastic change because it is really affecting my already dwindling self esteem.
Just because I am not happy with my hair journey does not mean I am going to let this hair blog fall by the way side. I am going to keep this blog alive the entire time. I have some reviews that I am excited to report on soon. I will talk about my new flexi rods I bought and how I work with them on wet and dry hair. I am going to report on the combination I use for wet wrapping and roller setting. I will let you know how that has gone. I have purchased some satin rollers, and I cannot wait until report on those. I also have my Suave Keratin Conditioner for Frizzy and Colored Hair to review. Finally, I am going to review the Blue Magic Coconut Oil Conditioning Creme that I have recently bought. So, look for me to start either July 9th or 10th.
Another thing that I am going to change is my update picture. I haven't changed my picture since probably September or October of 2011. I have been too embarassed to put any others because I was pretty much at that same length and my ends were tragic. Regardless of what my hair looks like, I believe that I will use a heat pass July 17th and place a new length picture up for the first time in about eight months, give or take. I am going to make another purchase this week, I am buying those huge, huge rollers (they are usually grey) and do me a set with those. I am trying to achieve this really flowy roller set, and I am going to attempt it with that roller size. So be on the look out on July 10th or 11th for that.
I am also going to get back on my biotin this weekend. I have lacked, but only because my bottle of vitamins waste on the floor, lol. Also, biotin has been sold out in my local stores. I am going out of town today and I am buying it from there. I am also going to experiment with some apple cider vinegar again, but this time it is going to be for my hair and face.
I cannot wait until I get all of this published into blogs. I am so excited! Even though this summer has been a little sad due to my hair issues, I am optimistic about my endeavors. I am hard at work on my regimen and posts to publish, so I will keep doing what I am doing, staying motivated and positive.
So, I will see you next week some time.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Length check since trim

So, I relaxed my hair ten days ago. I believe this trim was done late May. By the look of the photo, I have gained some length back. Like stated in a previous blog post, my hair would have not looked presentable for job interviews without a relaxer. I am still giving myself until the end of the summer to decide whether I am going to continue with my hair journey or not. It really stressing me, disappointing me and hitting me deep in the pocket with no true results, or consistency. There is nothing I would love to do more than keep my hair blog going. But I don't want this a hair struggle blog. I want a blossoming with results blog. The energy I am putting into my hair, I could put this little something extra into something way more postive: grad school, job search, my relationship. Lord knows that these things are way more important than my hair, right? I don't really know. I want to look good and feel good, but at what cost? I have a few things that I want to blog about in the future: coconut oil conditioner by Blue Magic, Suave Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, and flexi rods. Be on the look out for those reviews and pictures very soon.


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