Current Hair Info

Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


Hair Goals 2015

Hair Goals:

Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back at School

Hello, everyone. I am back at school now. I am about three hours away from my home town. I feel guilty having to leave because no one is going to have full time care of my mother's and grandmother's hair like I did. Also, when I was home, I would sway both of them from unhealthy habits, like grandmother use a lot of heat and my mother picks in her hair which leave bare spots. BUT, I am going home this weekend. I am going to relax my mother's hair and take a pic for everyone to see. I also need to have a list of products made up for them both to use as reference while I am not there. I could also refer to it, for I am not an expert, lol.

A little update about my hair. So, I decided to blow dry and flat iron my hair Friday. I tugged on my hair to do a quick length check. I had to do it over and over and over and over. Why? Because I could have sworn that a couple of strands were touching my BRA! I was too excited! But I am almost five weeks post. I will relax in another five. So, I will just see what my October relaxer will bring me. This weekend I am going to try another roller set and start wearing them for a few months to help with low manipulation between classes. I am still working on my problem areas, and I will have a complete update on those when I am either closer to my relaxer or post relaxer. I would love to sit here and talk about hair all day. But I do have a class in 19 mins. So, I will end here. But I am going to pick up on another post about a friend of mines and how I may be assisting in growing her hair back, also.
Muah, with love,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still working on my BLOG

So, I promised to have my blog up and running, but I haven't tweaked all the way. I had a very devastating death in my family. That put me way back, plus I had three finals to take. The classes are over and my grandfather is put to rest; maybe I can start getting used to this new adjustment.
Before he passed, my grandfather told me that he would never want to see me with short hair again. He got his wish, and I going to continue to push for longer lengths. I am going to make him so proud.

Time for updates:
I was going to relax next week on August 7th, but because of the untimely passing, I decided to cut my stretch short to a very shocking 7 weeks. This is the shorts stretch on record for me. I will NOT do this again. I did not lose any hair nor do I feel like I over processed. I feel like I was very mindful of my NG and my treated hair. I had to be more careful which made my relaxer time longer. That I did not care for. But I had a great relaxer. I will one week post tomorrow. As of right now, I do not have any updates to address about my mother's and grandmother's hair.

I will enter my last semester of my BS this month. I am so excited! I will attempting 19 hours, whoo! I know people have had more, but this will be the most for me. Graduation is December 9th, 2011 and I am hoping for BSL hair to go with my cap and gown. Oh!...and also straight A's, lol. But that is all I have to report at the time. Check out the new additions to my blog coming up REAL SOON this time, I promise.
Until next time,
Muah, Lexie


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