Current Hair Info

Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


Hair Goals 2015

Hair Goals:

Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


That's right. 
I woke up on the 21st and was itching for a haircut. After getting my sew in, I suffered significant breakage. I mean, my hair was choppy and uneven. It looked very unhealthy. I didn't want to even it because sections were so close to BSL. But I didn't care anymore. I wanted my ends blunt and that's what I did. I took time and washed, DCed my hair and added my leave in conditioners. Then I sectioned my hair into some sections and got to work. I cut it to a respectfully blunt full SL and I love the way it looks. 
My Felicia-inspired before pic lol 
Four inches lighter. 
I did this myself, only help was with a mirror. I think I did pretty darn good. 
Here is me with my hair shirt. My head is horribly crooked in this picture, but I am on line 5. I am hoping to be at line 7 for my next relaxer coming up on the very last week of July. With the help of some vitamins and castor and TLC on the ends, it's reachable. 

I love my results. My entire head looks even and at the same length. I believe that I can really thrive from this point. My hair looks healthy and the fullness of my ends are mesmerizing to me. Lol. I do not want to back up to SL, but with my hair looking like this, I have no regrets. 

Since my cut, I have been babying my ends already. No tight ponytails, no splitting my nape down the middle. About 80 percent of my hair is even and I am loving it. Some of my flexi rod sets did not turn out as cute as normal with the shorter cut, but it's updo week for me and you can't tell me that i am missing a few inches with the styles I have been rocking. 
Fridays updo
Sundays updo
Mondays updo. 

I will be rocking updos all of this week until Sunday!!!! It's my birthday on Sunday and I believe that I am going to cheat this one day and rock a roller set. I would love to see what some roller set curls would look like on this new blunt, hair-almost-even-and-the-same-length cut. If I DNT like it, I'll put it in an updo. It's supposed to rain all day on Sunday anyway. Lol. 

Until the next post,

Monday, May 12, 2014

Operation: Graduation Hair

Even though my pursuit of my masters degree is over, I will not actually march and receive my degree until December. So, until that day, why not show up to graduation with a head full of hair. So, I believe that I will be doing a few small challenges along the way plus my own challenge that will consist of SEVEN months of pure hair health related therapy.

So I decided to whip my hair into shape for my graduation. On December 13th, I am hoping for BSL hair or something close to it. The following is what I will be planning on doing:

-Protective Style at least 3 days
-Castor oil with every wash
-Oil scalp and ends with castor oil at least four days a week
-Leave in conditioners with every wash
-No blow dryers
-No trims

This should be givens during a HHJ, but this is hard for me. I made sure not to add anything that is more than what my hair is handling at the moment, because my hair is really thriving this year and it doesn't make any sense to fix anything that is not broken.

So, I will be taking it very slow and making sure to baby my hair every step of the way.

Until next time, and see you on December 13th (of course I will post before then),

Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Goals Review + May Goals

So, I'm late on posting my goals. But here is my issue: TMI but my birth control pills has me MISERABLE!!! I have only been on them 2 weeks and I have chronic headaches, stomach issues, breast pain and nausea. I look online at the reviews, and women have stated that their symptoms have mimicked pregnancy symptoms. o_O I immediately took myself off of them. Since then, my symptoms have slowly began to subside......thankfully.

I know, TMI, but on to the focus of the post.
April goals
-castor oil on ends and scalp every night - FAILED
Yea, I did awesome the first part of the month. I fell off after relaxing my hair on the 17th.
-JBCO in all April DCs - PASSED
Thankfully, I met this goal with ever wash in April. I'm so proud of myself. Lol.
Well, here we go with May!!! Goals will include:

-Hot oil treatments with every wash including castor oil

-castor oil on scalp every day

Until the next post,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Emergency Relaxer Update (WARNING: Long Post)

Hello, ladies.
By the time you actually read this post, I will actually be a week post relaxer. You read correctly: I relaxed my hair on April 17th at 6 weeks post! I know 6 weeks is very soon to be relaxing hair on a HHJ, but I was losing my mind. I thought I was listening to my hair. is the story:

I have been taking Hairfinity since the middle of January. My NG has been very thick, but not growing as fast as I thought it would on the vitamins. In the midst of all that, I ended up getting stressed out with my courses, work and family life. I was tossing and turning at night. My bonnet would come off every single night. I would see long hairs on my pillow every morning. I took two grad school classes in January, I was stressing HARD. My hair was coming out in the handfuls. I tried putting my hair in buns for days at a time so that I wouldn't have to deal with my hair. That didn't help. On wash days, I would lose mucho hair and I wasn't being rough at all. To put icing on the cake, I had to take my grad school comp the last day of February. The stakes got high for me for a while. AND my brother got into an accident.

In the end, my brother made a great recovery. I passed my two hard classes from January. I even made two 100s on my two finals. I started off practically failing one of these classes, and I ended up with an A and a B. I PASSED MY COMP! So, I am graduating this year from grad school. My work load at work started to ease up some. So, with this break come sudden destruction, lol. I decided to concentrate on my hair again fully.

The truth of the matter is, I have been getting really bored with my hair. I have been focusing on protection and limited manipulation that I have yet to enjoy my hair. I haven't been this length for so long, and all that is on my mind is hiding my hair. That mind frame has gotten old and I am casting it aside. I wanted to start anew with my hair. So this is what I have decided to do (and did).

I took time and eliminated the intense shedding and breakage I have had. I suffered tremendous breakage with that sew in I received in February. After I got that under control, I decided to relax my hair.

-I prepped my hair with conditioner, a leave in, coconut oil and mixed oils. This was placed onto my length to prevent run off. My hair is fine naturally. I do not need any run off to cause any more breakage that I do not need.
-I based my scalp with castor oil. I also mixed up my relaxer and applied mixed oils in to slow down the process because of the amount of NG I had.
-I relaxed my hair with my Normal ORS relaxer with mixed oils. The entire application and smoothing process took 25 minutes.
-I rinsed the relaxer out and used my Elasta QP Stop Action Neutralizing Shampoo 6 times.
-After rinsing the shampoo out, I color rinsed my hair Radiant Black by Dark and Lovely.
-After leaving the color rinse on for 25 minutes, I rinsed it and applied my DC.
-My DC consisted of moisturizing conditioners and castor oil. I left it on for about 30 minutes and rinsed.
-After tshirt drying my hair, I applied my two leave ins: Crème of Nature Argan Oil Leave In and Elasta QP Spray Leave in. I spray the CON on my entire hair, from root to tip. I spray the Elasta on my edges and my ends. I put on a plastic cap and sat under a warm dryer for 10 minutes.
-After I got done, I just wrapped my hair and went to bed.
-The next day, I lost my bonnet in my sleep. So my wrap was a fail. But I walked around with my hair out and allowed it to air dry. Instead, I used my heat protectant and flat ironed my hair.

-I really liked the way I prepped my hair. I believe that it was a great prep. It succeeded with what I wanted it to do. I did not experience any breakage or weakening of my hair.
-My hair feels quite strong. I am really excited about that, especially being very soon after my relaxer.
-I have experienced some growth that I will share in a picture below. With growth means that I have retained!!! Yay!

So, Why Did I Relax So Soon Into This Stretch:
I wanted to give my hair a fresh start. I suffered some lost with my bonnet kept falling off. I suffered breakage with my sew in. I am bored with styles. I didn't have any idea what to do to my hair at a specific week post. So, I decided to break down a schedule of what style to do at certain weeks post:

Weekly Style Plan:
-Week 1 thru 2 - - - Saran Wrap Roller Set
-Week 3 thru 4 - - - Flexi Rod Set
-Week 5 thru 6 - - - Pincurl Updo
-Week 7 thru 8 - - - Braid out
-Week 9 thru 10 - - - Two Strand Twist with Satin Covered Sponge Rollers
-Week 11 thru 12 - - - Braids/weave/wigs/style (anything that I feel like doing this week)
-Week 13 thru 14 - - - Faux Ponytail (weave ponytail bun)
-Week 15 thru 16 - - - Natural Bun (using only my real hair for the bun)

I believe that I am going to incorporate this style regimen into my next stretch. I will be doing these styles for two full weeks. I have done a lot of research for this Style Plan. I believe that these are the best styles to incorporate with the amount of weeks I will be post relaxer. I believe that this style schedule will keep me from being bored with my hair, most importantly. I want to finally enjoy my hair. 

Even though I will be manipulating my hair at least once a week, I have not introduced any heat passages in this stretch. I am trying to go through one entire stretch without using heat. I have never done so, and I would love to say that I have gone through at least one stretch with no heat. With every wash, I will introduce castor oil into all of my DCs this stretch. I will use leave ins with every wash with heat.

I will follow this schedule for my next stretch. I will review this schedule after my next relaxer. We will see if this schedule has helped my hair. This will determine if this is helpful or should cut this out and move onto a new method of helping my hair.

Not only am I trying to help my hair, but I am trying to enjoy my hair at the same time. I have APL hair, and I am tired of hiding it. I want to enjoy my hair. I have a new significant other in my life, lol. I want to feel pretty and look pretty and my hair makes me feel pretty. Thankfully, this new person is not a stickler against weave. He said he wouldn't mind if I wear my weave or braids or wigs. YES! That is nothing like I went through with my last boyfriend. Out with the old and in with the new. LOL! Anyways, enjoy the pictures from this relaxer update.

In addition, look out for the following reviews:
I will have a review about my sew in.
I will have a review about my leave ins with heat.
I will be updating you on my mother's hair.
April Favorites Post!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fresh Face Friday

My pic looks a little weird, but here I am on another Friday with coverage on. All I am wearing is mascara and nude lipstick with balm. While I have been taking care of my skin and texture, I have noticed some small changes in my skin. I'm going to continue to work on my texture and skin tone. So be on the look out for even more improved skin next Friday!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hair Question .:All Comments are Welcomed:.

I love being on a HHJ. One of the hardest parts of my journey is hair retention. In addition, I have suffered with my failure to protective style. I can never commit to a protective style. It never last long. Sometimes, they do more harm than good.

So my question is:

Can a person have a successful HHJ without protective styling?
(When I say successful, I mean retain length and healthy hair???

Please help me with this, because I believe that I may abandon protective styling altogether.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Fresh Face Friday

TGIF and Thanks for tuning into my very Fresh Face Friday. I have actually been actively participating in my FFF challenge. If you haven't tuned into my earlier blog posts, but I have decided to commit my Fridays with little to no make-up so that I won't be heavily relied on it. So here are some photos in natural light to show my facial flaws:
As you can see, I have lots of acne scars, but TRUST ME, they have gotten a lot better. So the only thing that I used was mascara and lip balm. 

Enjoy the weekend,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

MARCH FAVS (1st Fav Post)

DISCLAIMER: I was not contacted by any of the companies mentioned below. I was not asked to test these products. I was not asked to review these products. I purchased all of the products below myself, and I have listed these as my personal favorites for the month of March 2014. 

Now that we got that disclaimer out of the way:

Hello! As promised, I am posting my March Favorites! Is it just me or was March super long????????? I am so ready to see the end of March. I am thankful for the month of April. It is going to warm up alittle. I am tired of this cold weather.

In the month of March, a stumbled upon a few good deals. I decided not to pass these things up. I tried out new products, and the ones that I absolutely LOVED, I decided to post about them. They will be broke up here in HAIR, NAILS, FACE CARE and MAKE-UP.

The first hair product that I absolutely LOVE is my Creme of Nature with Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner. 

Image source: Google

This product promised strength and shine. It can be used on damp and dry hair. Unlike the other products I will write about, I have actually used one bottle of this product before. The way I was using it was shampooing my hair, condition wash then apply this leave-in spray then style. I was actually not going to purchase this product again, wanted to try a new spray leave-in. But I caught it on sale at a local BSS. When I saw it there on sale, something in my head told me to try it in a different way.
So now, whenever I shampoo my hair and DC, I spray my Creme and Nature Leave-In and put on a plastic cap and sit under the dryer with it for 10-15 minutes before I style or whatever. Let me tell you, girlfriend!!!!!! Since doing it like this, my hair is so soft!!! My hair is manageable. My hair feels like butter. My hair is shiny! My hair is strong! I believe that this Creme of Nature Leave-In has found a permanent place in my regimen!!!!! I will continue to buy this product. 5 stars!

My last hair for my March favs will be my GVP (Generic) to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. 

Image source: Google

Where has the product been all my flatironned life?! This product promises to reduce drying time, smooths, shines and conditions. One positive about this product is that a very small amount goes a LOOOOONG way. One time, I poured a full dime size amount into my hand and was afraid that I was going to weigh down my hair. I literally use a drop, maybe two depending on how frizzy my hair is. This product has officially replaced my old heat protectant. I am only using my old heat protectant for roller sets for myself, and wraps for my mom. When I use this product on my wet hair, I am blow drying. It leaves my hair so shiny. When I am using this product on dry hair, I am flatironning. It leaves my hair flowing in the wind. It is amazing. This product is not going anywhere!!!!!! 5 stars!


The first facial care product I used was the Bio-Oil.

Image source: Google

I have not used this product before. It is this light weight oil that promises to improve scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin dehydrated skin. I started using this product about two months ago. The product recommends that one apply the product twice daily for improvements visible in 3 months. The product was working wonderfully for the first couple of months. However, the product has began to slack in its progress. Another con about this product is that every though it is a light weight oil, this product leaves my face extremely shiny and greasy looking. I have a whole bottle of this product and I am not ready to toss it just yet. So, I am going to continue to use it, but I had to improvise.....

I was in desperate need of a great oil-free moisturizer. So I decided to purchase Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer.

Image source: Google

This was my first time purchasing this product. When I was shopping for a moisturizer, I read enough bottles to final settle on this particular one. It promises to moisturize dry skin, treat and help prevent pimples. I LOVE this moisturizer. It last all day. It is a wonderful moisturizer. It is light weight. It goes on wonderfully. It doesn't leave my skin super greasy looking, which is a great plus. So, I decided when applying my moisturizer that I would mix a drop on my Bio-Oil with my moisturizer. I am super happy with what is going on. I am using up a product; it is not sitting on my dresser or in my stash collecting dust; I am getting the light weight results like I want. It is a win-win here.

The final product purchased in March was my Ambi Skin Care Even and Clear Foaming Cleanser.

Image source: Google

I have used this product before and did not see any results with it before. It promises to help clear and prevent breakouts. In addition it is supposed to help improve visibly tone and texture. I have been only using this product for about 1 1//2 weeks. This product has helped my skin tone tremendously in this little amount of time. My acne scars are fading and fading fast. My skin is brightening and shining (without the greasy products). My face is soft, and I am happy I decided to give this product another try. So, I will be giving you a post later about the update on my Bio-Oil and my Ambi. I am trying to achieve clearer skin.


For a while, I have been using the Maybelline New York the Colossal Volume Express, Cat Eyes.

Image source: Google

But for the month of March, I have been really on my mascara. I LOVE this mascara. It gives me the volume that I desperately seek. My eyes look so dramatic. In addition to the mascara itself, I really love the mascara brush. The curve in the brush helps me get all of my upper and lower lashes. It makes applying mascara so easy for me. I purchased the Turbo Volume, but it has nothing on this Colosssal Volume. Big Time Favorite! This mascara is not going anywhere. I have seen where women have bought this brand of mascara but the brush is straight, not curved. I will continue to keep my curved brush. There is no way I can go back to the straight brush after I have been spoiled by the curved brush. 5 stars!!!

e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer in the shade SAND

Image source: Google

I am NOT a fan of liquid foundation. It makes me look porcelain-like, super hard and super stiff. I look quite unnatural with it. Well, after watching a few YouTube videos, I saw where on some women's "down days", instead of using foundation, they will put on some tinted moisturizer. So, I told myself that I would look into some for myself, just to try it out. I decided to try the e.l.f. brand and move on up to other brands to see which one I prefer. Let me tell you: I am not looking any further!!! I purchased my first tube of this tinted moisturizer in the shade SAND from my local Walmart. I put it on and I received one of the most natural looking coverage I have ever laid eyes on. I mean, it was popping, but in a good way. My skin looked natural but covered. It was amazing. It was like I was performing magic. So, I applied it again and again and again for weeks and weeks. Nothing changed; it was still this most remarkable coverage. So, I caught a great sale on e.l.f. and now I have 9 containers of my new make-up staple. Sometimes, my face can look a little abnormally shiny with the moisturizer, so I will take facial powder of my choice and do a light once over. In my eyes, this product is where its at. Did I mentioned that it goes perfectly with my skin tone? I just matched my hand skin tone with the color strip outside of the container! BEST. DECISION. EVER.
5 stars!

Wet and Wild Lipstick, color Just Peachy

Image source: Google

I am not a big lipstick person either. But since I have been wearing the tinted moisturizer, I wanted to wear more color on my lips rather than the glossy lip I have rocked so religiously into the grave. I was picking some reds, pinks, purples and oranges. BUT I was on the hunt for the perfect nude-like color. In the midst of a junk food run at my local Dollar General, I passed by a lipstick stand for 1 dollar. I found this Wet and Wild, Just Peachy color and I was sold! When I first put it on, I fell in love. I will normally base my lip with a moisturizing balm and apply a small coat of my lipstick on. It is natural looking with being overbearing at all. I wear this color practically everyday. It is awesome!


Image source: Google

I was growing my nails out, but I have trimmed them low to start over on their growth because I am treating them so that they can grow in more stronger. Before I trimmed my nails, I purchased 3 polishes that I was absolutely crazy about. The first one is Essie Eternal Optimist. I saw a MUA on youtube using this color and I had to have it. I looked to good on her fingernails. Once I bought the polish and tried it out for myself, I didn't believe that I did the polish justice. But I didn't lose hope just yet. I tried it on my toes and I FELL IN LOVE!!!!!!! I cannot believe how beautiful (yes, I am talking about my feet) my feet looked! I believe that color paired with a careful DIY pedicure helped me achieve some awesome looking feet lol.

Image source: Google

The next polish I purchased was the ORLY Pink Nude. I know that this color is paired with french manicures, but I love the nudes of the french manicure polishes. SO, I purchased it for a full nail experience. In the end, I believe that this color was decent on both my fingers and toes, but I believe that a better base coat will really help bring out the true potential in this color. So, I will be posting an additional post about this polish on a later date.

My final product of March is my OPI Pinking of You fingernail polish.

Image source: Google

 I cannot tell you how much I love this color. How did I come across this color??? Well, I was getting a manicure, and a lady was getting this very same color on her nails and toes. I asked the manicurist what was the name of the color and she told me. So, I ordered it offline not seconds after she told me. It is a very beautiful color. For the sake of this post, I got my pedicure with this very same color. I believe that it goes very well with my skin tone, FINGERS AND TOES. It is one of my favorite pinks!!!!!!!

Well, there you have it! This has been my first monthly favorites blog. I hope you have enjoyed it. I am already on the hunt for my April's post. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Monday, March 31, 2014

March Goals Recap + April Goals and some NEWS

So it's the last day of March and I wanted to lay out my March goals. 
Goal 1: the LOC method - I only did it when I remembered, FAIL
Goal 2: apply castor oil everyday - I didn't even remember this goal until today. Smh. FAIL

Well, March is over, and I am ready for April and some new goals. Hopefully, I can remember these goals: 

Goal 1: Castor oil on ends every night
Goal 2: JBCO in all DCs in April

Simply enough, right lol. Only the month of April will tell. 

I will be adding MONTHLY FAVS to my blog, so please be on the lookout for it. It will include anything from makeup to hair. 

Also. I will be adding something call Fresh Face Friday to my blog. It's where I wear no coverage on my face to see how my face is clearing up (in addition to giving myself a break with any makeup that I use in the week). 

I will also do a few hair tutorials, Hair of the Day, Face of the Day and Hair Accessory of the Day. 

So, please be on the lookout for all of those, I will be starting with the Monthy Favs TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where Are My Relaxed Sisters At?!

Hi, ladies!
At least once a week, I have been hit with the same news: the news of losing relaxed hair inspirations to transitioning. Great for them, bad for me. I love knowing that there are ladies who prefer to chemically loosen their curl pattern. It's what I prefer and I love having motivation; my motivation being that relaxed hair can grow extremely long and be healthy. Lately, more of my inspirational ladies have decided to go natural, which has left me feeling alone sometimes lol. Am I the only one who still loves relaxers. Relaxers do not fall into my hands no more than five times a years. Doing so has allowed me to gain a healthy, relaxed head. Not all of my hair is bone straight; I have began to prefer texture, but not enough to where I would consider going natural myself.

This post is not to talk trash. Natural hair is beautiful. I cannot keep my hands out of my NG. I have envisioned myself with full natural many times. I have made a personal choice not to go natural. I believe that it is a personal challenge: relaxed hair can grow healthy and long. In all honesty, I have considered going natural twice since my HHJ. I take care of my cousin's natural hair because she cannot afford products nor salon visits. I have done my research about natural hair just so that I can help with hers (she is a freshman in high school). I have had to do appropriate research in order to properly care for her natural hair. For example, I use all natural products with her.

I wish all naturals the best on their journeys, BUT can a girl get some more relaxed inspiration lol???!!!! I hope I am not on this relaxed HHJ by myself, lol.

One proud and relaxed head

Friday, March 7, 2014

February Goals Recap + March Goals

This post is SUPER late. Grad school should take the blame. On top of that, I caught a bug that left me pretty sick and weak. Thankfully, I am over grad school until the next class as of today. In addition, I have gotten healthy and I am ready to get back to blogging, and blogging more frequently. I have had a few things to happen over the last few months, so I am trying to keep you all update.

First, I am coming to you with a recap of my February goals. I was supposed to moisturize my hair with the LOC method. I ended up falling off some, but for the most part, I did a decent job.
In addition, I was supposed to rod my hair the entire the month of February. I started off rodding my hair, but I ended up protective styling for the remaining of the month of February. So, I didn't meet my goal of rodding, but at least I protected my hair. So, I am not too upset.

My March goals will be:

-Try the LOC method again
-Castor oil everyday

I have been secretly doing makeup and hair hauls and I can no longer keep them to myself. So, I will be adding hauls on here. I have been considering doing a YouTube channel, but that my be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY into the future, lol, like maybe at the end of the year. Who knows? It could be sooner.

I guess I will do better about blogging...
Hold me to it,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weave installment 2/20/14

So on the 20th, I decided to get a sew in. 
It started off as 12 inch human hair. It took 2 packs to do my entire head with a little out for my leave out. 
I enjoyed the original length for about two days, but what I really wanted was a bob. No one wanted to do my hair because they thought it was cute being that it was almost the same length of my hair. I wanted something different. So I decided to take it upon myself to do my bob myself. 
I sectioned my hair off in four sections. 
I decided to cut about four inches at the nape. Then I cut the rest of the back around six to seven inches to give me a little layered look. 
I'm loving the length. So it's time to curl. 
Day 1 look that's really curly!!!!!!

Day 2 look, trying my bob out with a straighter looker. 

In the end, I'm satisfied with my look. I'm planning on leaving it in for four weeks total. I'm not used to a sew in, so I'm not so sure about leaving this in for a long period of time on the first initial long term installment, if that makes since lol. 

It's almost been in for a week. My nightly regimen has been oiling my scalp and hair. So, one week down and three more to go. 
I'll update you soon. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Introducing Something New to the Blog

So, I have decided to add blogs about nails, make-up and hauls to my blog. I promise that I am not going to completely deviate from my main obsession: HAIR. I have a few other beauty things that I LOVE to talk about: nail health, nail art, pedicures, shopping, hauls, products, make-up, etc. Nothing too big, but I wanted to make sure I gave you full warning before I dove right in it, lol.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!!!

My January Relaxer Post

Hello, hair ppl!!! It's been three weeks since my last post. Between work and school, I have been bogged down. On top of that, I have caught some bad bug!!!! I'm just starting to feel better, better enough to write this post about my relaxer. 

The reason I cut my relaxer short at ten weeks post was because my NG was so hard and crunchy. DCs didn't work. Oils didn't work. Moisturizers didn't work. Air drying was a mess. When my hair started snapping at the line of demarcation, I knew I was in trouble. I decided to relax that follow day. Thankfully, I did not suffer any damage or breakage with this relaxer. 
I relaxed January 20th. 

However, I did notice that one side was growing a lot faster than the other side. Troublesome as it was, I made the conscious decision of not trimming. Then I decided to start a vitamin regimen. After a couple of weeks, I observed that my slower side was still not trying to budge. It was here that I decided to give myself a well deserved and even trim in the back. 

Altogether, I trimmed and 2 1/2 inches off, mostly on one side. 
I feel good. I'm still APL, but my ends look healthy!!!! They DNT look thin. I'm continuing my vitamin regimen, taking one hair-skin-nail, three biotins and two Hairfinity vitamins a day. I have noticed that my NG is thicker, but no other significant difference. I am currently 4-going-on-5 weeks post. 

On feb. 20, I had a sew in installed. I was so tired of styling my hair. So, I decided to give my hands and hair a break. 
It's about two inches longer than my real hair. My goal for this weekend is to give my sew in a bob cut. I'm nervous, but I know exactly what I want, so I know that I will accomplish it. I am going to do a blog post on how I cut and style my bob cut. Stay tuned for that post. 

Until next time, 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Goals Recap + February Goals

Hello, ladies. Prepare for a short blog!!!!!!!

I am coming to you with news from my January goals. I had two very simple goals:

Hide my hair 25 out of 31 days -
PASSED! I am so proud of myself. I was able to hide my hair with no problems!!!

Use castor oil 25 out of 31 days -
PASSED! I am so proud of myself. I used castor oil on my hair every single day.

So nothing really big to report. I met my goals, and I met my January goal: Hide my hair the entire month of January.

Here are the goals for February:
-Moisturize my hair using the Liquid Cream Oil method at least 23 days of the month (80% of the month)
-Roll/rod my hair at least 23 days of the month (80% of the month)

There is nothing difficult about these goals. I believe they are very achievable. If I can force myself to hide my hair for 25 days, I know I can do these simple goals.

-I did an emergency relaxer (blog to come)
-I trimmed my hair 2 inches (blog to come)
-I am taking up to 3 hair supplements a day (blog to come)


Sunday, January 19, 2014

8 weeks post Ramble

I am 8 weeks post and my NG is really karate kicking lol. My bang area is especially thick, which is very surprising. My edges are never thick in NG, especially at 8 weeks post. Now, I battling with the temptation of relaxing before the predetermined date. I am pushing for March or April....maybe even May. 
My hair is becoming harder to detangle. It causes for increased patience, which I have no problem rendering. Today, I moisturized my NG with Elasta QP moisturizer and sprayed some Creme of Nature Argan Oil leave in conditioner on my NG. My NG took it well. I have came to the conclusion that I will probably have to moisturize my NG everyday. It shouldn't be an issue. I have been putting castor oil on my scalp everyday so I will be able to remember. 
I have increased my supplement intake. I am taking a multivitamin and a vitamin C everyday. Additionally, I am taking 2 biotin tablets and two hair, skin and nail tablets a day. I am increasing water intake, especially drinking more water when I actually consume the tabs. I am also waiting in my Hairfinity package to arrive. I believe that I will be in Hairfinity for the rest of the year if I see some game changing results. My goal is to meet BSL and MBL this year. Hopefully I will be WL before the end of 2015. 
I am planning on keeping my real hair either braided or hidden. I am praying for some serious retention. 
I hope you enjoyed my Sunday ramble. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Low manipulation styling for January 2014

Hello. My goal for January is to hide my hair. After trying to hide my hair for the first couple of days of the new year, I started experiencing extremely dry hair and began experiencing breakage. This is where I am so lost at. I can never get my hair at the state where is it well moisturized without going overboard. In addition, I experience sudden-snapping hairs on a regular basis. Enough about my problems, I decided to do low manipulation styles until February. I asked my cousin to braid my hair into a Mohawk style with a single braid going up my head. I rolled my leave out, and this is the style I believe that I am rocking for the entire month of January. 
I think she did a great job braiding my hair. It took about thirty minutes. I believe that after two weeks, I will get her to rebraid me up so I can end January on a good note. I am trying to do low manipulation styles, hide my hair, use castor oil regularly and avoid flatironing possibly until my next relaxer because I am trying to grow out the side of my hair that is quite thin compared to the other side. I am currently 2 days shy of 7 weeks. My NG isn't that plentiful. It's more annoying than anything. It's very dry. I am working on handling this issue and soon. Well, until next time!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

My mom's update

I must say, I'm absolutely speechless and flabbergasted. Lol. I relaxed my moms hair yesterday at 6 weeks post. She refuses to go any further. I assumed from her horrible non-bonnet-wearing habits that mom would have little progress. The picture on the left is from 11/2/13 and the right pic is from 1/5/14. However, my moms hair was very one sided in the back, so I evened to avoid it looking awkward. I had to cut about an inch, which was a good amount of hair coming   Off her. Her problem side is still quite thin and I am only going to instill castor oil once again but there is only so much a person can do lol. I do not plan on relaxing my mother's middle next relaxer day. I would like for it to grow out again, at least for 12 weeks and see what happens. But she doesn't know that yet lol. 


Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Goals

Happy New Year! I wanted to come to you with a blog specifying my January goals.
Honestly, I have not been able to come through on some goals over the last few months. I don't know if it is from lack of motivation or laziness. But I am really wanting to see some great progress over the year of 2014.

Once again, these are my January goals:
-Use castor oil 25/31 days of January
-Hide my hair 25/31 days of January

At the last 7 days of January, I will attempt the inversion method. I have heard great things about this method and I believe that I will incorporate it once a month of every month in the year.

Currently, I have a issue with my hair. I suffer from shaft breakage. I cannot understand it. It doesn't take much manipulation at all, but my hair will simply snap off. So, I have been doing some research trying to figure out how to solve the problem. As of today, I am still suffering from it with no information as of yet. The research continues. Please continue to follow my journey.

Love, Alexis

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