Current Hair Info

Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


Hair Goals 2015

Hair Goals:

Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Hair Goals

Happy New Year! Well, I am a couple of days early, lol. But I am so excited about what the year 2013 can bring. 2012 have been an eye opener. As much as it was hard for me to admit, I was not taking the absolute best care of my hair. Summer 2012 was my turnaround. From that point, I found my hair beginning to really flourish. As of right now, I am still not claiming APL, but I believe that I will be claiming the elusive APL landmark after my first relaxer of the new year. If you look on my blog to the left, you will see a list of hair goals. Those are things that are to help me keep busy during the new year. They are not my MAIN GOALS. My main goals 2013 are as follows:

1. Maintain blunt ends
2. Grow to BSL
3. Grow out my shorter pieces
4. Relax only four times in 2013

THAT IS ALL! If I complete this main list, 2013 will be a success. All of the other goals are mini, but they are achievable. So, I am going to work hard. I also have a couple of goals for my mother:

1. Use bonnet daily
2. Continue castor oil usage
3. Grow out her trouble areas

So, on 1/1/13, I am going post before pictures of my mother's and my hair so that you can really follow our journeys to meet our goals.

What are goals without a little something-something to motivate us? So, if my mother continues to use her bonnet with no prob for three months, I will buy her a Michael Kors handbag. For myself, if I meet BSL, will buy myself a stand dryer or my own handbag.

So, I believe that we have all of the products at hand. All we are missing is the drive. But I believe that we will get it together this time. So, be on the look out for our New Year Starter Pics in a couple of days.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Random Post (more on my mother's hair)

I really wanted to post this random post about hair. I have really been feeling up and down this month about hair. One, I relaxed on the 7th, and my hair has so much thickness. I prepared for my relaxer wonderfully. I have retained length, and I am excited about the upcoming challenges that I am going to participate in to retain even more length. Since my relaxer, I have trimmed my hair TWICE. I trimmed 1/4 inch on relaxer day. A week later, I trimmed another 1/4 inch to help with the overall thickness from root to tip. I am very happy with the look of my ends. On the down side, I relaxed my mother's hair on the 1st. She had great progress. I didn't even need to trim her hair, only her bangs. Well, if you haven't read my earlier blog about my mom, she slept two weeks straight without a bonnet on and her progress is GONE! I have had to take her hair up shorter than it has ever been. I am so digusted and upset. I have been having a hard couple of weeks. How can I be happy about my hair when my mom hair went to hell? I believe seeing how much I had to cut back has scared her semi-straight. That, and plus she told me she is tired of hearing me fuss about a bonnet. I really want to tell my mom she is on her own because it is obvious that she is not listening, don't want to listen and is tired of me and don't want to take it serious. My mother's problem area is worse than before. Me giving up on it will force her hair to get worse and worse where comb overs will not help and her problem area will be forced in revealing itself. I don't want my mother embarassed, but I cannot want it for her. She just isn't motivated. Weave is out of the question, so it is touch and go. Since stressing about her situation, I have noticed some stress shedding of my own hair. I am trying my best to keep my cool, but since getting my HHJ, I am digusted when I do not see people trying to take care of their hair. Yes, it is just hair and it will grow back. But my mother has a condition that stunts her hair growth, I would think she would want to do better. Also, there are women and girls out there who do not have much hair and/or hair at all. So, I am grateful and I am taking care of mines. But I just don't know what to do or say about my mother's. She has been doing good for about three days now. We will see.

So, what is randomly going on? I am about to say goodbye to my first bottle of JBCO. It is at that time where we say so-long to that empty bottle. I have had my bottle since August, and I believe either tonight or tomorrow will be its demise. Four months is great amount of time, seeing that I have used this 4oz bottle on two heads during its duration. Thankfully, I have purchased two additional bottle of JBCO three months ago. So, I should not have to buy any before June 2013.

Other than that, nothing too much going on! So, MERRY CHRISTMAS and pray for southern Alabama who is receiving alot of action by the tornados on this Christmas evening.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Attention!!! My Blog Name Has Changed!!!

I have slightly changed my blog's name. While looking up different blogs, I came across a blog with the EXACT SAME NAME as mines. NO WORRIES! It wasn't a thing for me to change the name. So, my blog's name is now My Hair-Obsessed Ego. I love it. It screams I LOVE HAIR! Lol.

Thanks for reading! Sorry for any issues.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

:-( My Mother's Hair Update

Let me start this blog off by saying rest in peace to my mother's PROGRESS! I am so upset with her. I relaxed my mother's hair about two weeks ago. I decided that I should go ahead and relaxer her short area because it was making hair stick up. Comb overs would help it and you could see straight to her scalp. Well, I relaxed her hair so that she could have coverage and would not be ashamed and so no one could see through to her scalp. BASICALLY, YOU COULD REALLY TELL MY MOM HAD A BIG PATCH OF HAIR MISSING. After the relaxer, she had so much progress. My mom gained length. I didn't even have to trim her hair up in the back. She had plenty of coverage. She could comb her hair with little worry about making sure that her short hair was covered. Well, my mom has been taking naps on the sofa and in bed WITHOUT a bonnet on. I kept telling her to put a bonnet. She didn't listen. Well, two days ago, my mom asked me to flat iron her hair. When I parted her hair and began to work, I could have passed out. MY MOTHER'S PROGRESS WAS GONE! From where she had been sleeping with nothing on, she has caused SEVERE breakage in the center of her head and the back. Her progress from her problem area is GONE! you cannot even cover it with other hair, it is that bad. If you looked directly at her problem area, you would see that hairs that was two and three inches two weeks ago are now less than 1/4 of an inch. I am so F****** pissed!!! I constantly tell her that she needs to do better, especially that her hair is extremely short and patchy. She would usually ignore me. But that day, I had to cut two inches of my mother's hair. In a nut shell, My mother's hair is in horrible shape. But she wants it to grow, but she won't act right. In my mind, I have given up. Her feelings are hurt now. NOW, she wants to do better by the JBCO and wearing a bonnet to bed. She says her biggest problem with that bonnet is that she doesn't want my dad to think she is unattractive at bed time with it on. But what is she supposed to think when she is pure bald?! Oh, yea that's sexy....sarcastic voice. I don't know what to do.

By the way, no photos because she is absolutely embarassed and disgusted with herself that she wouldn't let me take any for comparison. I wouldn't want to see how bad it has gotten either. It is that horrific. I could really use some advice. I work hard doing what I do, and all she has to do is wear a bonnet to bed, but she acts like that is too much work. I am fed up. I am so close to saying that I quit and that she is on her own, because she is stressing me out....AND I refuse to let stress take my own hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

HOTD and Offensive Hair Comments

I promised that I was going to show you a good picture of what my hair looks like. So, without further adieu, here is my hair from the flexi rod set:

Sorry that this picture was not available yesterday. My curls fell while I was at work. So, I came home and applied a small amount of leave in on my hair and put my hair back on flexi rods and went to bed. This morning I decided that I wanted to baggy my hair again. So, I did. I left the bag on for about 3 hours. Afterwards, I left my damp hair to air dry for an additional 3 hours. Afterwards, I took rods out and rocked my hair.

I must say that this is another successful wash day. My hair is soft and manageable.


I was at the store, and two young women were engaged in a conversation. I know them, so I waved at them trying not to interrupt their conversation. However, they called me over and wanted my opinion on their topic. The topic was Natural Hair. Unknown to me before I was brought into the conversation, both of these women are transistioning. The question they had for me was WHY ARE THERE NOT ENOUGH WOMEN GOING NATURAL? I was shocked that they thought it was only a handful of people going natural. I told them that it is plenty of people who are natural. They asked me was I natural and I told them that I was not. For some reason they thought I was because my hair is always so curly (I believe that they are referring to my flat twist-out). So, one of them told me that I was trying to look like I was natural because I didn't possess what it takes to go natural. OOOOK.....then the next girl just flat out asked me why wasn't I natural. I replied that I rather have relaxed hair than natural hair. She told me that I was ashamed of my African American heritage and that I wished that I was another race. THEN, to add fuel to the fire, she told me that I would probably be ugly with natural hair. It isn't for everyone. o_O

I could not believe the ignorance that was spewing from these two women's mouths. I mean, was it bash Alexis Day, because I missed that one. I wanted to really show them my African American side and show out on the both of them in that store, but something hit me. It was the voice of reasoning and an overwhelming calm. I politely said, EVERYONE DOES NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GO NATURAL. IT IS A VERY SERIOUS COMMITMENT. I BELIEVE THAT IT TAKES A SPECIAL PERSON TO GO NATURAL, ONE WITH PATIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. BUT, IT TAKES A SPECIAL PERSON TO GROW CHEMICALLY ALTERED HAIR IN THE MOST HEALTHY WAY POSSIBLE. THAT IS THE COMMITMENT I HAVE MADE. I VOWED TO MYSELF THAT I GROW HEALTHY RELAXED HAIR AND I HAVEN'T DISAPPOINTED MYSELF YET. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT GROWING RELAXED HAIR IS EASY, BECAUSE IT ISN'T. YOU SHOULD KNOW, YOU BOTH ONCE WERE RELAXED.
I also told them the reason why those two ladies went natural because they didn't have the tools to take care of relaxed hair. That doesn't go for all natural ladies. I personally just wanted to hit them where it hurts, with their personal truths. In the end, they will probably not speak to me again. I felt bad....that I was in public having a heated debate by hair (not that I may have offended them), but I was offended! Do not judge me, and I will not judge you. There are ladies at my job with curly and wavy hair and they are RELAXED. My co-worker has the most beautiful straight hair I have ever seen in my days, and she is NATURAL. You just never know. I hope I don't offend any natural sisters out there, but some natural ladies are becoming extremely demeaning. I love all textures. I respect them all. Please have respect for me. That is all I am asking for, lol.

-signed Offended but Still Relaxed


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wash Day - 1 week post

I cannot believe that it has been one week since my relaxer. Boy, has time flew! Also, I cannot believe that I am done with classes, I will out of work next week due to Christmas break (I work for the school system), and Christmas is less than two weeks away. WOW! Thankfully, I have down time to really relax, enjoy myself and give my attention to things that have I slacked on.

Like my hair, for instance. I relaxed my hair a week ago, BUT, due to the fact that I have been under such pressure such as finals and pulling extra shifts at work, I have been unable to give my hair that special attention for about 3 days. Due to all of the stress and pressure, I haven't been able to sleep nor rest, so as soon as I hit the bed, I am out like a light, even before I can moisturize and seal. BUT I haven't forgot to put on my bonnet (expect that one night). But, I am ready to get back on it.

1. My hair wasn't dirty, itchy, etc. But I felt like a fresh wash would bring it back to life. So, I ran my head under running water for a few minutes and proceeded to wash my hair with my Salon Care Shampoo. After two rinses I proceeded to DC.

2. I applied my Generic Nexxus for my DC. It stayed on for about 30 minutes and I rinsed with cool water. my hair felt so soft and great.

3. After rinsing my hair, I applied my Dark and Lovely Leave In, a small amount of JBCO and a small amount of setting lotion to my hair. I decided that I wanted a wrap, so I wrapped my hair and got under the dryer. After my hair was dry, I realized that I didn't have no shine to it whatsoever. My moisturizers were going to weigh my hair down, so without hesistation, I flat twisted a portion in the front and put the rest in a bun and worked this style for work.


I awoke the next morning decided that I wanted my hair down for the next work day, BUT I still had NO SHINE. So, I parted my hair and applied JBCO to my scalp. Next, I applied a small amount of Dark and Lovely Leave In to my ends and length. Then, I applied a small amount of African Best moisturizer. Last, I sealed with Kemi Oyl. I placed a plastic cap over my hair and covered that with a bonnet to trap as much heat in as possible. I only wanted to do it an hour, but my hair was not trapping in and producing much heat. SO, I placed a pillowcase over the bonnet and bagged for an additional hour. THAT DEFINITELY DID THE TRICK!!! My hair was so moisturized after this. I put six flexi rods in my hair immediately afterwards. I let the flexi rods sit in my hair for about three hours.

Here is the ending results after a LONG day at work:

Lol, so it doesn't look so hot now, but it looked wonderful earlier, but the photo of the style fresh off the rods got deleted. I wearing my rods to bed tonight, so tomorrow I will post a pic of my curly hair.

Baggying is something that I am definitely taking into the new year with me. I see that I am going to have to baggy longer for better results. That is ok. I am willing to do whatever I can to get me the greatest results. After that intial wash after my relaxer, my hair is so much thicker and bigger (you alreaedy know that I love that!!!). I have noticed that my hair length in the very back is extremely longer than the rest of my hair. It is extremely noticable. I can see through my hair at the very ends.
:-( This is extremely disappointing, also. I am tempted to trim my hair even which would take me up to the top of my shoulders. But, my hair is not damaged; some hairs are just growing faster and slower than others. So, I will be trimming healthy hair. I don't think that I am ready to lose any length yet. I am going increase my castor oil usage to gain more length. Right before the wedding in April, I will be getting a relaxer. So, I will know then what my answer will be, let all the hair grow as is or trim it all even. Hmm....decisions, decisions, but none of them will be made now...AND I will definitely alert you all BEFORE I decide to do anything. I don't want to keep my followers out of the loop. LOL. Good news: my hair is more thicker than EVER!!!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you at the next post.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy 4th HH Anniversary to ME!!!

Ok, my anny was really on December 9th, lol. But I was SOOOO busy with finals that I was unable to get a free moment to reflect on my special day. Oh, well, that sacrifice helped me pass my final. I can officially say that my first grad school class is over, and I did wonderful. I am awaiting the official grade, A or B.

Since I have no excuse, let me reflect on the last four years. I began my hair journey on December 9th 2008. I was watching youtube videos on how to self relax and I stumbled upon HHJ videos. I was so excited. Could I grow my hair again? I was once WL, but I cut it and had been STUCK at SL ever since. I was so sick of that stereotypical saying about black girls just need to be lucky that they are at SL because it doesn't grow longer than that. Well, I was once longer than that. So, I took my starting photo and bought TONS of hair products. My hair suffered that first year. I was in this slump where I was trying to figure out what products and techniques worked for me. I tried everything. I had to learn that my hair is not made for everything.

It took TWO YEARS before I realized what products worked well with my hair and what the benefits of the product was. From 2009 to 2010, I suffered from lack of styles. I could not seem to style my hair. Why did I not see any growth at least two years after the start of my hair journey. Well, it is because I relied heavily on direct heat. Even though I was knowledgeable of how harmful it was, my hands could not leave the flat iron alone.

2011 was the year that I started to really embrace air drying and castor oil. My hair seemed to thrive tafter I was paying more attention to HEALTH rather than LENGTH. Here, my hair was under 24 hour protection. I was ready to fight off any and all temptations of unhealthiness. I really saw great progress towards the end of this year.

Here it is, the end of 2012, and my hair has really been progressing. My attention to health last year has really given my hair that boost to grow. I am grateful for the thickness that I am seeing which is a plus. I cannot see through my hair like I could years ago.

Yep, my hair has really progressed. I am thankful for the knowledge that I have. I will continue to do right by hair. Come 2013, I want to post about something even greater!!!!!!!!!!!!



Saturday, December 8, 2012

RELAXER DAY!!! 12 week stretch


Hello, all. Today marks a beautiful day. I finally will be able to part my hair AND see some scalp. After 12 long weeks, I am finally relaxed today.

Last night, I braided my hair in a little under 20 plaits. I oiled my scalp with vaseline. I applied coconut oil from right under my NG to the very ends of my hair.
I was getting my Felicia from Friday on!!!!!
So, my hair was prepped and ready to go this morning. I woke up bright and early because I have to be at work. I based my hairline with more vaseline. I took down the plaits and put my hair up in clips.

1. I applied my relaxer to my hair using my handy dandy oh, so graceful sprush.. I used the Organic Root Stimulator relaxer kit. I tried to work extremely fast with the application, but relaxing time and smoothing time took me a total of 25 minutes. I am personally excited about this time because 28 and 29 minutes is usually the total time. I have been personally trying to get faster, yet still careful and cautious with application. I rinsed with Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo. It took me 6 rinses before my hair washed clean. I followed up with a moisturizing shampoo.

2. With every winter relaxer, I like to rinse my hair black. So, after my moisturizing shampoo, I followed up with my Dark and Lovely Relax and Color Same Day Semi Permanent Hair Rinse. I chose Natural Black as my color. So, I took the application bottle and applied the color all over my hair and gather my hair at the top of my head and put on a plastic cap. The color stayed on for 20 minutes and I rinsed.

3. After I rinsed my hair clean of color, I applied my DC. I am trying a new one. It is the generic version of Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner. I bought it from Sally's the previous day. The smell was amazing, so I had to purchase it. It went on my hair so good. It made my hair feel wonderful. I DC'ed for about 30 minutes and rinsed with cool water. After rinsing, I took a pillowcase and towel dried for a while.

4. I applied my Dark and Lovely Leave in and a couple drops of Kemi Oyl. Afterwards, I decided to give myself and all over trim. It has been July since my last trim. My front definitely in need of some attention, but I decided to be trim my entire head. THANKFULLY, my hair only called for between a 1/4 of an inch to a half inch trim. I was nervous that I was going to need a tremendous trim to even my back. THANKFULLY, again, my hair maintained the evenness in the back.
Blowdried hair

5. I sprayed my hair with my Tressemme Heat Protectant and I sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes. I decided to blowdry the remaining damp hair. Last, I flat-ironned my hair on low.

In conclusion, the way that I prepped my hair for this relaxer was heavenly. My hair does not seem over processed. My hair does not feel dried out. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I feel like I did an amazing job in preparation for this relaxer. I believe this will be my way of relaxer preparation for a while. It really worked for me.
During this stretch, I have achieve tremendous NG. For the growth, I must thank my JBCO. I must thank myself for being able to retain my length. I have had trouble doing so in the past. I am grateful for my even ends.
Am I disappointed in the amount of length that I have achieved? A little bit. I was really expecting a lot more, especially how my NG was rolling and rolling. BUT what I have lacked in length, I am really making up in thickness. So, I may not have that length that I expected, BUT I am achieving that overall thickness that I am striving for, which is a great big plus in my book. My shorter strands at the crown are certainly catching up with the hair in the very back of my head, which is giving my hair an even thicker appearance. I am so happy. I have noticed that my hair is a little thinner in the back on one side. I do not know what that has came from. But I will be on oiling, moisturizing, sealing and protective styling like crazy to get that growing plus my shorter strands. I am not planning on trimming again until June or July. I used to only apply castor oil to my problem areas. Now, I am applying my JBCO all over my scalp to achieve all over growth and evenness. My hair seems like it holds moisture better than it used to. I will wear my hair out all of the month, but come January I will be protective styling my way to FULL APL. My hair does not fall to APL, but when pull straight my hair is APL. EHH, I am not ready to claim APL just yet. I do not wear my hair straight all the time. I wear my hair curly, crinkly, airdried, etc. Basically, I believe I will claim APL when my air dried hair is APL. It is a little weird and difficult to understand, but I believe that is when I am truly at these landmarks, when my hair hits it without having to be flat ironned to prove it. So, Full SL, grazing APL is where I currently stand. Follow me while I attempt to protective style for the very FIRST TIME. My creativity will be put to the test as I try to acheive cute protective styles. Also, watch me as I go through Operation: Wedding Hair, it is my personal challenge to achieve longer, thicker hair by April 2013.

Here is a photo of how I wore my hair after my relaxer >>>

-Today, It has been officially one day since my relaxer. Last night, I oiled my scalp JBCO, moisturized with ORS moisturizer and wrapped my hair. Today, I am going oil my scalp again and moisturize again, but this time I am going to baggy my hair for extra moisture for a couple of hours. My newly relaxed hair is really soaking up alot of moisture, so I am trying to keep up with my hair's needs.

Until next post!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How I Prep My Hair for Relaxer (Less than a week away)

Today marks two days before my relaxer. I washed my hair a few days ago, and I have been wearing my hair in a flexi rod set. Tomorrow, I will post how I prep my hair the NIGHT BEFORE my relaxer. But I wanted to do this small post about how I prep my hair the leading up to my relaxer.

1. When I am two weeks from relaxing, I will use a clarifying shampoo. I try to make sure that scalp is completely strip of buildup. The reason why I strip it because during these last two weeks, I apply JBCO directly to the scalp everyday leading up to my relaxer. This way, I am cutting down the amount of buildup is on my scalp.

2. One week before relaxing, I will wash my hair with another shampoo of my choice. This time I decided upon a moisturizing shampoo. I lathered and massaged really well to remove buildup again. This time my scalp isn't totally stripped, and that is absolutely fine with me.

3. Everynight before bed, I will coat my hair in my moisturizer. I will seal with a small amount of JBCO and Kemi Oyl. Also, I will oil my scalp thoroughly with JBCO.

That is pretty much it. Its not too much. But my hair is getting that extra covering of oil and coating to prevent ovelapping.

Be on the look out for tomorrow's post: how I prep my hair the night before relaxer.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Wash Day @ 11 weeks post

So, I am 11 weeks post relaxer, and it is hard to explain my hair at this point. My hair seems to be at a great balance as far as moisture and balance. I have had no hairs to snap in my hands anymore, which is wonderful. After I washed my hair out from where it was professionally styled, I kind of slacked on the moisturizing and sealing for a couple days. I am at that point where it is at the end of the semester in school, and all I can think about is surviving. Lol. So, my hair took a back seat for maybe three days. Well, I am back in full effect (finals still going on). I have an exciting day approaching in four days: RELAXER DAY! But before that day, I decided to wash my hair one last time before I relax.

1. I decided to pre-poo with my cholesterol conditioner. I only wanted to pre-poo for 30 minutes. I relaxed and color rinsed my mother's hair last night. I also did some homework, so I went to bed instead without rinsing. I awoke this morning and rinsed the cholesterol out after 12 hours of pre-pooing.

2. After pre-poo, I shampoo'ed my hair with my Salon Care moisturizing shampoo. After one lather, I rinsed and moved on.

3. I condition washed with Suave Almond and Shea Butter conditioner. It sat in for about 10 minutes, and I rinsed with cool water. My hair felt wonderful.

4. I let my hair airdry naked for about 30 minutes. I begin to work the following products into my hair: Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin spray, setting mousse, Dark and Lovely Leave In Conditioning spray and Cantu Leave in conditioner. With this combination, my hair felt very light while wet. It did not feel weighed down. I proceeded to flexi-rod set my hair. I sprayed on some Tressemme Heat Tamer Heat Protectant.

5. Unfornately, it was time for drying. I hate drying time. It takes so freaking long. I get so hot. 2 hours is the average drying time for me. UGH. An hour and forty five minutes under the dryer and I was FAR from dry. However, it was time for me to start getting ready for work. After doing so, I finally took the flexi rods down.

It is an extremely poofy flexi rod set, but I rocked it nontheless. I added alittle JAM to my edges for hold and control but to no avail. My NG is karate kicking. It is unholdable. It is unable to be held on. No exaggeration, lol. The quality of the photo is not so great, but it is so cute in person, lol. It hides my hideously untamed NG so well.

Overall, this was a successful wash day. I will moisturize this tonight and sleep in flexi rods. For the remaining four days until my relaxer, I will begin prepping my scalp with JBCO and coat and seal my hair two times a day to begin building a barrier so that the relaxer will not penetrate and ovelap.

I may post again this week, and I may not. If I do not, I will see you on RELAXER DAY!!!

Another Big Motivator to GET ON IT!!!

2013 is going to be THE year for my hair. I am striving to do big things with my hair. I have been working hard for the past almost four years. I have not seen much length difference, but I have noticed a big difference in health, which is a great positive for me. My hair is really trying to flourish as far as length now, and I believe that 2013 is the year for me to meet some goals, specifically BSL and MBL. I am going to trust and believe that I can achieve these lengths in the most healthy way possible. Other than the fact that I just want some length finally, I have another dose of motivation.

My BLU-tiful and SO SWEET LS is getting married on April 13, 2013. I cannot be more happy for her. She will be the first one of us eleven to get married. Even though it is her day, I would love to strut in there with the confidence of some long, thick hair that is actually MINES. So, you already know that I am going on a total WEDDING HAIR BOOTCAMP starting December 8th (December 8th is also my HHJ anniversary). I am not taking any punches. I going to do everything in my power to retain every centimeter that I can. I am going to work out the details in a couple of days. But I have a couple of ideas on what I am going to do:

-exercise a couple times a week
-drink plenty of water
-little direct heat
-protective styling starting at the beginning of the new year
-adult multivitamin
-16 week stretch, relaxing on March 29th, 2013

I would love to be grazing BSL by this point, but I reach a really FULL APL, I will be glad to take that.

I am so excited for her. This is going to be a remarkable journey she is about to embark. 2013 is already producing great things. Like I have said, 2013 will definitely be the year of the length for me.

I cannot wait to embark on OPERTION: WEDDING HAIR!!! Be on the look out on updated posts on my journey to great hair for her wedding and other posts, of course.

Until next time....


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