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Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
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Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Random Hair Chat #2 - Are there parts of your HHJ that you have yet to tackle?

In other words, is there something about your HHJ that is troubling you still? After four years of hard work, patience and prayer, I have yet to tackle something. The one and only thing is hair retention. That was very hard for me to write that because I have felt like this entire journey I have never had a setback. But lack of retaining length is my hair setback. I have been setback with this issue since day one and it has not let up. I have seen people get to multiple lengths with a year or two. In my four years of working on my hair, I have been back and forth between Full SL and APL.

When I was natural, my hair was so long and so thick that I couldn't comb nor style it. My hair was constantly in a ponytail because it was a convienent hair style and it was pretty much all I could do with it. While I was natural, I did not have a flat iron, so the hot comb was a no-no. I refused to use. SO, I didn't and my hair got longer and thicker and unbearable.

Eventually, I made it up in my mind to relax and cut my hair. When I made those decisions, my hair became officially manageable. It was and is an amazing feeling to be able to run my finger through my hair without pulling, tangles and snatching. Since my hair is so manageable, it is always down and out. So, relaxed hair has spoiled me. I still love my hair as is, but why am I not retaining any length?

After countless months of pondering I believe that I have came up with a couple of possible reasons. One, I believe my relaxer plays a huge part in it. What I mean is when I rinse out my relaxer, I usually do not have anything to protect my length with. I have always been afraid that I would use something that would interfere with the relaxer and cause my hair to fall out on the spot. So, I have not used anything. I believe the run off from rinsing out my relalxer has affected my length. My hair literally will snap off. It is very discouraging. I believe that if I am to find something to coat my length with, I could be on the right path towards retaining length.

Having my hair on my clothes is another issue. The problem is when I try to do buns, my buns never look appealing. Also, I never look feminine with my hair pulled up. I would hate to have to make myself wear something that I am not comfortable with. But I am going to have change something if I want to retain length, right? I am ready and willing to try different styles pulled up.

My other possible reason for my inability to retain length is moisturizing. Do not get me wrong, I moisturize very often. However, I do not believe that my moisturizer is a very good one. It makes my hair oily and shiny. But my hair does not seem to really benefit health-wise from it. I believe that it is time that change moisturizers. I am not a great moisturizer shopper. My hair is constantly dry everyday. So if anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Lord willing, I am trying to stretch 14 weeks, but I will stop at 12 if I feel like I can go no longer. My goal until then is to moisturize and seal like crazy. I am going to pick a new moisturizer tomorrow. I seal with JBCO and Kemi Oyl. I am going to have me a great pre-relaxer regimen set so that I can really cover my length good. I am still searching for something good and I am receptive to suggestions.

So this was my random hair chat on this Sunday. Tell me about you have lacked on tackling. What is giving you HHJ troubles? Got advice for me? Please give it. Hit me with your feedback.



  1. I'm still experimenting with the regimen. For now, am easing up on the use of shampoo and stick to using a conditioner instead. The dryness has abated since starting that method. My hair is short so I find myself combing it daily in order to style. I've decided to try finger combing whenever I can so I can reduce the stress on the hair.

    A lot of ladies rave about ORS Carrot oil moisturizer; you may try that one too. I also plan of purchasing it asap.

  2. I COMPLETELY feel you on this. I hate to wear my hair up. I feel so unattractive. I know I need to protective style more to see more length retention. I also completely agree on moisturizing. I've been on my hair journey right around 2 years and I have yet to find a good moisturizer. My solution has been multiple co-washes during the week. That is helping until I can find a moisturizer.

    My hair is SO kinky (my mother has 4c hair but her curls are TWICE as large as mine, if not THREE times)long stretches just don't work for me. The hair textures are too different and going too long will cause setbacks and no length retention. My hair was retaining more length when I was relaxing every 6-7 weeks then when I would stretch for 12. I've been grazing bra strap length for over a year. Its time to do something different to get over this length hump. Buns it is...well, trying to get to that point anyway...


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