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Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

REVIEW & Comparison - Queen Helene and Proclaim Cholesterol Conditioning Creams

Hello, ladies. I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to finally do an itty bitty review on my cholesterol conditioning creams. I have been using Queen Helene for about two years. BUT I went to Sally's about a month ago, and saw the Proclaim Cholesterol. I really wanted to try it just for comparison. So, I bought it and tried it out for a while, and I believe that I am ready to review and compare the two.
I will be reviewing and comparing these products as a pre-poo and a DC.
This product has been in my regimen for a couple of years. A friend of mine introduced this to me. She told me that this product gives her hair alot of body and makes her hair soft. I let her put the product in my hair. She told me that the best results would be achieved if I applied this product into my hair like a relaxer. The first time I used this product, I was excited about the over all results of the products. BUT, I did not get the same results when doing it on my own. BUMMER!

When I am using this product on my own, I have come a across my own regimen as far as applying it. I have used this product as a DC. I have applied this product as a DC on both wet and dry hair. This product, in my opinion, is wonderful when going on to dry hair. I have been disappointed everytime I put it on wet hair. When I apply this to dry hair, I used to just plan that wash to be a cowash day. I will apply this product on my hair, root to end. I will sit under a dryer or let it sit with no heat for a couple of hours. I will get great results after rinsing. But when this product is put on my wet hair, my hair always seem to feel like it is dry. I hate that. So, I try not to put this product on wet hair. This product, in my opinion, is extremely hard to wash out. I am always missing spots, and I mean huge spots. It takes about five to seven washes to wash this out. By that time, my hair really gets stripped, and I feel like I have wasted time, effort, money and product.
I really love the smell of this product. I do not know how to articulate the smell into words, but it is good smell.
This product costs about $3 at the dollar store. I do not live in a big town, but I do have local dollar stores only minutes away. So, it is great that I can run out and get this product immediately.

-I love the smell.
-This product is readily available at your nearest dollar store.
-This product is reasonably priced.

-This product does not mix well with oils.
-This product has left my hair dry on several occasions.
-This product is drying with heat.
When I first bought this product, I had this overwhelming feeling to use it as a pre-poo. But I decided to try it as a DC first. This product works wonderfully as a DC. I have used it on wet and dry hair. I have had the same experience: moisturized hair with no drying.
When working this product as a pre-poo, I like to mix this product by itself with oils. It has worked wonderful this way.
I have also have manipulated this product into a light protein: a dollop of this product, hair mayo and oils. This mixture has yet to disappoint me.

-This product mixes well with oils.
-It is extremely inexpensive.
-This product has yet to leave my hair dry.
-This product works well with heat.
-Four dollars can buy me a 32 oz jar.
-This product is more effective penetrating product.

-I hate the smell.
-I have to drive at least 30 minutes to get this product (location problem on my end, I guess, lol).

IN CONCLUSION, I believe that I will use the Proclaim Cholesterol than the Queen Helene. I have this full jar of it over here. I will use this product as a PRE-POO, and try to get rid of this product faster. Other than that, I hate to say goodbye to a product that I have been so faithful to, but life does go on. Lol. To be honest, after one wash with the Proclaim, I knew that Queen Helene did not stand a chance. I am going to use this last jar of it to try to see if I can get better usage out of it as a mixture product instead of a straight product. If this succeeds, only then is where there is still hope for the Queen Helene.

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  1. Hey sawrah! :-)

    I bought a tub of proclaim cholesterol today & stumbled upon your review. I plan to use it as a DC b/c I'm coloring my hair this weekend. I hope I enjoy it as much as you did.


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