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Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Starting A New Regimen

I have been doing some additional research about hair care. Last night, I watched a few youtube videos and ended up making a list of things to pick up today. So, I got up today and went to my local BSS and bought a mixing bowl and a couple of applicator bottles. I also got my a 100% boar bristle brush. So, not a huge load, but it was over ten bucks. So, I am done shopping for the week, lol. I try not to spend too much money on my HHJ at one time. I do have other responsibilities, lol. So, I only hair-shop once a month. This is a mini hair haul, so at the end of the month, I will be right back at the BSS, lol.
I went to the BSS for the sole reason of revamping my regimen. I have realized that my regimen is simple and great, for someone who isn't that serious about hair health and length. I am extremely serious, so I realized that I needed to make a few changes.
For one, I believe that I am going to have to cut down the amount of times I shampoo my hair. I have officially decided that I am going to shampoo my hair every other week and I will do a apple cider vinger rinse the other weeks.
The reason for the applicator bottles that I purchased, I applied two tablespoons of ACV with a cup of water in this bottle. I will be applying my rinse like this. I rather not put it in the spray bottle because I am not interested in applying to my hair, rather just my scalp. The other bottle will be my diluted shampoo, my ordinary shampoo with the rest filled with water. I am trying to prevent as much drying, natural oil stripping, etc. from my hair.
I usually do not DC once a week, but I realized that my hair is in desperate need of it. When I touch my NG, its sounds like someone is kicking fallen leaves during the winter time. I AM SO SERIOUS! I am extremely embarrassed. So, I am trying to work as much moisture I can into my regimen. I have bought a new moisturizer that I am going review on next month. It is by Dark and Lovely. I am going to buy an additional leave-in conditioner/creme.
I am going to start applying eggs to my regimen, also. I have read someone's blog post and done further research about the benefits of eggs. My goal for my hair the rest of this year is strength, so I believe that eggs will help me here. I believe that I am going to incorporate eggs in my regimen every other week. I am also planning to do lots of DC mixes and masks, so I believe that my new mixing bowl will come in handy.
I bought my boar brush because I wanted a safer brush to use on my hair, and I must say that it is best brush I have ever had. I am talking about my 100% boar bristle brush. When I went to BSS, I was look for a small brush because I wanted it to be the tool I used when I am flat-ironning. I read that brushes help straighten hairs better than combs will when flat-ironning. I will do a post about that when I try this out. But the brush is like a little taste of heaven. It is so soft, and I do not have to put no pressure on it at all when I am brushing my edges. I am so happy that I made that purchase. I want to throw away my old brush now. NOTHING compares to my new found treasure.
As of right now, I am not sure of what products I am keeping and what products I am replacing. But I do have a great idea of what my new and improved hair regimen will look like. So, below is my new reg:

-Rinse scalp clean with warm water
-use diluted shampoo and rinse
-egg mixture for 20 minutes and rinse
-condition hair and rinse
-DC hair for an hour and rinse
-air dry hair
-apply leave in
-apply oils
-style hair

-apply ACV mixture and rinse
-condition hair and rinse
-DC hair for an hour and rinse
-air dry hair
-apply leave in
-apply oils
-style hair
RELAXERS - no sooner than every 3 months

This is pretty much it. Its a big change, but it is still extremely simple. My goal is for stronger, healthier and longer hair. But that is going to be a later post. I have tried out the ACV as we speak, and my very next post will be of how I am applying my new regimen to my hair. I am hoping for great results. I am super excited. I am sitting here with my flexi rods in now. While I am getting ready for work, I will blogging and taking pictures of everything. OOH!
The next post will be up in a few hours!!!
I can hardly wait!!!

p.s. - I am feeling another self challenge....;)

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