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Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
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Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Friday, December 14, 2012

HOTD and Offensive Hair Comments

I promised that I was going to show you a good picture of what my hair looks like. So, without further adieu, here is my hair from the flexi rod set:

Sorry that this picture was not available yesterday. My curls fell while I was at work. So, I came home and applied a small amount of leave in on my hair and put my hair back on flexi rods and went to bed. This morning I decided that I wanted to baggy my hair again. So, I did. I left the bag on for about 3 hours. Afterwards, I left my damp hair to air dry for an additional 3 hours. Afterwards, I took rods out and rocked my hair.

I must say that this is another successful wash day. My hair is soft and manageable.


I was at the store, and two young women were engaged in a conversation. I know them, so I waved at them trying not to interrupt their conversation. However, they called me over and wanted my opinion on their topic. The topic was Natural Hair. Unknown to me before I was brought into the conversation, both of these women are transistioning. The question they had for me was WHY ARE THERE NOT ENOUGH WOMEN GOING NATURAL? I was shocked that they thought it was only a handful of people going natural. I told them that it is plenty of people who are natural. They asked me was I natural and I told them that I was not. For some reason they thought I was because my hair is always so curly (I believe that they are referring to my flat twist-out). So, one of them told me that I was trying to look like I was natural because I didn't possess what it takes to go natural. OOOOK.....then the next girl just flat out asked me why wasn't I natural. I replied that I rather have relaxed hair than natural hair. She told me that I was ashamed of my African American heritage and that I wished that I was another race. THEN, to add fuel to the fire, she told me that I would probably be ugly with natural hair. It isn't for everyone. o_O

I could not believe the ignorance that was spewing from these two women's mouths. I mean, was it bash Alexis Day, because I missed that one. I wanted to really show them my African American side and show out on the both of them in that store, but something hit me. It was the voice of reasoning and an overwhelming calm. I politely said, EVERYONE DOES NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GO NATURAL. IT IS A VERY SERIOUS COMMITMENT. I BELIEVE THAT IT TAKES A SPECIAL PERSON TO GO NATURAL, ONE WITH PATIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. BUT, IT TAKES A SPECIAL PERSON TO GROW CHEMICALLY ALTERED HAIR IN THE MOST HEALTHY WAY POSSIBLE. THAT IS THE COMMITMENT I HAVE MADE. I VOWED TO MYSELF THAT I GROW HEALTHY RELAXED HAIR AND I HAVEN'T DISAPPOINTED MYSELF YET. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT GROWING RELAXED HAIR IS EASY, BECAUSE IT ISN'T. YOU SHOULD KNOW, YOU BOTH ONCE WERE RELAXED.
I also told them the reason why those two ladies went natural because they didn't have the tools to take care of relaxed hair. That doesn't go for all natural ladies. I personally just wanted to hit them where it hurts, with their personal truths. In the end, they will probably not speak to me again. I felt bad....that I was in public having a heated debate by hair (not that I may have offended them), but I was offended! Do not judge me, and I will not judge you. There are ladies at my job with curly and wavy hair and they are RELAXED. My co-worker has the most beautiful straight hair I have ever seen in my days, and she is NATURAL. You just never know. I hope I don't offend any natural sisters out there, but some natural ladies are becoming extremely demeaning. I love all textures. I respect them all. Please have respect for me. That is all I am asking for, lol.

-signed Offended but Still Relaxed



  1. You definitely have to stand you for yourself at times. Some blogs are fueling such negativity with their negative and myopic posts. I say you were right to have given them your piece of mind.

  2. I feel that you were very polite and informative all at the same time. You put them in there place in a very well manner way to me. I feel you wasn't wrong because some people need to educated before they jugde. Bravo to you miss!!!

  3. Thank you ladies for your comments. In my opinion, I believe that I handled the situation the best I could because I felt great tension and stress from how I got "attacked". I felt like these ladies were trying to make me feel bad to make themselves feel better. But all they did was give me more motivation to grow my relaxed hair longer and healthier than ever.

  4. Hi! I would like to nominate your wonderful blog for a Liebster Award! Check out the details on my blog

  5. you was definitely right, don't worry.



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