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Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shopping for a Hood Dryer ***please help***

Hello. I am looking for any and all information, suggestions, anything you have to throw at me.

For about three years, I have had this table top dryer. It is very noisy. The plug has melted quite a bit. I am afraid to keep plugging this thing in. Sometimes, it smells like something is burning and sometimes it doesn't. Having to find a table top or a sturdy surface gets annoying, so I am ready for a stand dryer.

I am pretty much shopping for a GREAT hair dryer. These are the qualities that I am looking for:

-quiet, or at lease alot noisy than most
                  (I live in a house where the bedrooms are pretty close, and I do not want to disturb anyone under the dryer)

-a dryer that does not suck or pull on my hair (one that I can do treatments under)
                   (I have read reviews on dryers that circulate hot air rather than blow, which cause hair to get sucked. I do not want to cause any damage to my hair)

-a dryer where I can do large roller sets
                   (I have thick hair, and I tend to do large roller sets and flexi rod sets)

-doesn't get too hot and too cool
                   (My mother will be using this dryer too, and she cannot handle a hot dryer)

-durable, not fragile
                    (I am not about wasting mony, lol)

I would love the PERFECT dryer, but we do not live in perfect, lol. So, there are the dryers that I believe that I have narrowed down for myself:

-Gold N' Hot

I have read on positive and negative reviews on them all. I am subject to looking at addtional dryers, but I would rather have a dryer that suits my aforementioned needs.

Please, let me know what stand dryer you have. If you have a great table top dryer, please let me know. If it is really great, I will consider sticking to a table top. I really need an upgrade. Lol. Please give me anything: warnings, Stay-aways, positives, negatives, your personal opinions and experiences on whatever dryer you believe is good or bad. I really need to be more educated before I jump and buy a dryer that I am really going to regret.

Thank you so much in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Alexis---I've had my Gold n Hot 1400w hooded dryer since 2009. It's strudy (I've been through two moves of 1000+ miles), I use gray rolos during roller sets, I can fit under fine, I used it once a week (almost) every week for 4 years, and it has 3 temperature settings (cool, medium, and high) for your mom. I paid $35 for it from Sally's back then. Now---its loud. So loud that I would be petrified at night that I would wake my little ones with it's loud roar. Because I don't install rolos often, I switched to just using a heating cap for conditioning treatments, then when I want to set my hair, I'll pull the hooded dryer back out.

    Here's a newer model of the hooded dryer that I have:,default,pd.html?

    Here's the heating cap that I use and LOVE!

    I hope that it helps!

    1. Thank you for your info. I'm going to look into this dryer.

  2. Okay well I see two that I think may be good and one i think may be great <----this one is said to be quiet

    but i think this one-->
    would be great would be better because its a brand I recognize so i know it will be strong and it has heat settings as for weather or not it is loud I cant tell you.

    This one however takes the cake it has everything you requested quiet heat settings and good for jumbo roller sets I think I would go with this one
    Also the price is really great! Check out the reviews I read a few seems pretty perfect unless you want it in pink lol.

    I gave different choice because of the various price choices.

    1. Thank you for the links. I am going to look into these.

  3. Okay, so I'm sure you probably know...but I love my pebco! I will say that the air does rather circulate as opposed to blow though. Of course I recommend the heck outta that thing but like you said it does make a difference, I normally do my deep conditioning with an electric heating cap. I have full reviews and videos on L4L, in case you haven't seem them...just wanted to give you that feedback since you said you were concerned about that. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your info. I have seen your review. I wanted to ask have you experienced your hair being sucked? Also, is this dryer sturdy? Is the shield fragile?

  4. I have the LCLbeauty hooded dryer and I love it so far. I have not used it for roller-sets but I have read nothing but reviews claiming fast dry time. Shika from HairIamWorld has done multiple roller-sets with this dryer and has a review of it somewhere on her blog. I feel its a great price and it will fit a full head of flexi-rods under the dryer with ease. It had adjustable temperature settings. I feel it's a great price and it ships fast. I have heard the Babyliss dryer is not that great. The reviews claimed slow drying time and the hood is not that big and roller-sets are more difficult to use. Jeni from Justgrowalready had a babyliss. You could ask her about her experience. Hope this helps and good luck.



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