Current Hair Info

Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


Hair Goals 2015

Hair Goals:

Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small BSS Haul

Hello, everyone. I am back from my mini vay cay. Like I stated in an earlier blog, I said that I was going to the BSS in that area to find some rollers. Well...when I got there, I wanted to buy so much more. I found my rollers. They were 2.49 for that 12 pack. I also bought more satin rollers. They were 2.49 for that six pack. I also bought some aphogee keratin and green tea for almost SEVEN DOLLARS!!! I cannot believe how high that has gotten. I bought me some jumbo hair pins for 1.99. So that sums up everything that I bought, besides the biotin. I did get that from a local Walmart.
Like I promised, I am going to do a blog-slash-review on a product and/or styling tools. I am going to get started on that and I will have another blog posted in a few hours.

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