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Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
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Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Keep hair rodded for a month
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Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Operation: OMI - My Research On Moisturizing

I have not given up on my healthy hair journey just as yet. Just because I am disappointed in my hair growth and retaining length rate does not mean that I am going to be half doing it this summer. This summer is crucial to whether I am staying in the game or not. So, I decided to really disect the problem. Ok. What is one big issue I have with my hair journey...other than growth and retaining? Moisture. I have an issue with moisture, oiling and shine. So, I decided to do some research to help me gather more insight on my issue and possible consider new products to promote more healthy hair.

First thing I learned is that there are three things that are definitely not goood for your hair: pertroleum, mineral oil and alcohol. I was like o_O. There is mineral oil in some of my greases. I use pertroleum to base my hair for relaxers. I don't know what I use alcohol for, lol, but I was surprised about the other two. I researched each one more specificially and found out whether I should really stay away from each of these product ingredients.

First thing I learned about this ingredient was it is water repelling. loves water. Water is a source of moisture, right? I learned that pertroleum is a very easy way to add oil and shine to your hair. But it is false advertisement. Because we think hair is healthy when it is shiny, but pertroleum is like makeup over bad acne. Pertroleum makes hair LOOK moisturized. The hair is far from it. Especially if the hair is being packed day after day with this substance, it is actually drying the hair out more and more. Pertroleum on the scalp does not allow the scalp's natural oil to produce which can cause scalp issues, mainly dandruff. I used to be fooled that if you grease your scalp you are fighting the battle against dandruff. However, with pertroleum on the scalp, you are producing dandruff. HUH! Another thing, if pertroleum is applied to the shaft, or length, of your hair, it stops moisture from entering here, too. Well, I have learned my lesson. No pertroleum for me. When I looked in my bundle of hair surplies, nothing I use on a daily or weekly basis contains pertroleum. Thank Heavens!!! I do use vaseline to coat my hair for my relaxers. Since I only use it then, I have decided to continue to base my scalp with it, but to coat  my hair really well with it. I do not want the relaxer to over process my already-processed hair. So, I am convinced.

So, I learned that mineral oil comes from pertroleum. STRIKE ONE! Mineral oil has been deemed as one of the best moisturizing sealants. However, it does not take that much mineral oil to see its effects. So, there is some misconception about this oil. But it is probably the over use. I look among my prodcuts and see that half of my products contain mineral oil. So, my goal is cut down the use of these products by half. Mineral oil is useful and important, only due to the amount you use. Any amount in the excess could suffocate hair. I am learning, learning big time.

I would appreciate some additional information on alcohol in hair products because I found little information. In one study, I read that alcohol was horrible. In another study, I read that alcohol was another word for organic. o_O Now, I was a biology major in college. There is no way I would say that alcohol was in the same catergory as organic. So, I am alittle lost. Please feel free to comment below. You will be helping me out.

I have decided to take a new approach to moisturizing my hair now that I am educated with this information. I'M READY!
So, I first divided my hair in half, straight down the middle. Starting with one half, I moisturized it with a small amount of my African's Pride moisturizer, which contains none of the three listed above (I also learned that it doesn't take an entire bottle of moisturizer to do the trick). I applied coconut oil to my roots and the length of my hair. I applied castor oil to the ends of my hair. Ta-da! That was it simple as pie. My hair is wrapped and tied down. I cannot wait until tomorrow when I unveil my hard work from just one night. Toodles. Goodnight!!!

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