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Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
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Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

****UPDATE**** My Mother's Hair (Pic Included)

After much anticipation, I have finally got this update blog about my mother's hair together. I hope that you enjoy.

My mother is not on an official HHJ. However, I have been handling my mother's hair for about two years now. I have been relaxing her hair longer than that, but she has given me the go-ahead to take the reigns for about two years. My mother's hair regimen is very limited due to the fact that she does not believe in all of the things that I am doing is beneficial. Also, my mother is not the type of person who will follow a regimen, even if it means growing longer and thicker hair. She is just not that motivated. So bear with me; the things you may hear will be very simplistic, but it is all I am allowed to do because my mother is so hard to work with.

At the end of the summer, my mother and I am still using JBCO. We feel like this is the best thing for us. My mother has five problem areas, but there is a huge at her crown. I have been working tirelessly with scalp massages and trying to remind her to tie her hair up at night. So, without further interuptions, this is my mother's updated hair photo.
I was unable to switch the two pictures; HOWEVER, the first picture is my mother's problem area as of this day in October and the picture on the RIGHT is her intial picture when she first stared using the JBCO in August.
I do now know about anyone you, but I am extremely proud of myself. To me, this is great work. I am so proud of me and my mother. I have been treating this area with protein sprays to keep this hair strong. This area stays moisturized with African's Best moisturizer and I am starting to seal it with Kemi Oyl. I do JBCO scalp massages on this area and others about three times a week.
I have made another huge decision with my mother's hair in this small area. I am no longer relaxing this area. I have decided (and she has agreed) that we are going to let this area grow out and we are going to relax everywhere else but here. For the past two relaxers, this area has gone untouched. I do not know how long I will continue to go without relaxing this area. Her birthday is March, so hopefully by her birthday, we will have a great amount of length where she can finally get her entire head relaxed and she doesn't have to worry about combing over her hair over thin spots. But until her hair grows out, she will not get this area relaxed. So far, I am happy with the decision. This small area is a little fro, lol. but it is so thick and it is so soft.

I relaxed my mother's hair on Friday. One side of her hair has grown thicker and longer than the other side. I have decided not to trim her hair anymore UNLESS it gets very noticeable. My mother's temples are another troublesome area. I have cut my mother some bangs to not only hide her trouble area, but to give her hair a different look (pix on that later to come). She is loving the bangs. They really make her hair look thick.

If you have read in earlier posts, my mother suffers from a disease where hair thinning is a symptom. Well, I am grateful to say that I believe that my mother's hair has made a great turn around. I do not believe that her is suffering from her disease anymore. I believe that we have a great handle on her hair. For a while, my mom's hair was thinning really bad. The disease makes it thin, but my mother's poor habits were only contributing to the thinning, if not accelerating it.

IN CONCLUSION, my mother's hair has made great strides in the last three months. I am very pleased. I will be working on the following with my mother's hair:
-a better way for her to tie her hair up at night
-thicker hair
-continue to grow out her major problem area
-finally achieving length

Thank you so much for reading. I would like to update my mother on her again in a couple of months. So, please be on the look out for that blog. ALSO, my hair update post will be coming soon. I am making great strides, just like my mother. Be on the look out for that post and many more.
Thank you so much for staying with me and my mother during our journeys!!!

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  1. This is great progress, keep it up. Maybe you could get your mom a satin/silk pillowcase since she doesn't want to tie it up.



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