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Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Sprush: 1st Review (Mom's Relaxer)

Hello! I wanted to give two reviews on the sprush. The first review will be on my mother's thinner, wavy hair. The second review will be on my thick, curly hair in a few weeks. I want to review how did the sprush mearured up when relaxing both heads.

So, my mother relaxed her hair at six weeks. It is hard to get her to stretch longer than six weeks. She will not stretch longer, so it is very important for me to make sure that I am careful with relaxer applications to avoid overprocessing. It is more than important to be more careful when my mother has little NG after every stretch. My mother had a great deal of NG this stretch due to the JBCO (which we are still using).
These are my sprushes. I bought this 3-pack from Amazon for less than 4 dollars and free shipping!!! Isn't Amazon great? They came just in time because I was ready to try them out as so as I confirmed my order. So I used the smallest one, or the one on the far left, on my mother's hair, just for more precision. While applying the product in, I had to get use to the fact I couldn't gather as much product on the tip like I would with a regular application brush. I got over it pretty quick, applying just enough product on just the right amount of hair. Also, I was getting so close to root without applying anything to the scalp. I do not feel like I saved much time than usually, but I was being extra careful to apply the relaxer with this new instrument so that I will not leave any spots underprocess. However, when it came to smoothing, it was like a dream. I took the sprush and gently smooth in a downward motion. Smoothing did not take long at all, between 2-3 minutes. I was AMAZED at the fact that it was over that quickly.

After my mom rinsed and neutralized her hair, she wanted her gray-coveraged rinse applied in. I decided to use another sprush for this job. I used the middle sprush for the dye job. When I usually do dye jobs, it is very messy. But when I used the sprush, it was quick and alot less messy. Applying it with the sprush was so simple. I was elated.

Both of these processes usually would take me ALL night. I am so thankful for these sprushes because I have saved quite a bit of time. Also, I am not as tired afterwards like I usually be.

So what do I have to say about the sprush?
The sprush is very flexible, allowing for better precision to apply product.
The sprush is very easy to handle.
I believe that it is more precise.
I believe that I was able to avoid overprocessing.
Smoothing time is cut in half.
My mother had alot of product still left in her jar.

I am very neutral about the time to apply the product. It could be me.

All in all, I give this product five stars when dying, four stars when relaxing for the time being. I will review this product again with my relaxer in a few weeks. My hair is way more longer, thicker and more coarse. I believe using the sprush on MY hair will be the deal breaker. My mom and I are extremely pleased with her relaxer results.

I have learned so much with this relaxer. ONE, I am going to make sure my hair is tangle free and combed out, because I want to make sure with my relaxer whether or not I am saving time with application when using the sprush. TWO, when realizing how much product my mom had left over, I believe that I am going to switch from box relaxers to jar relaxers so that I can save more money and more product for another relaxer. I do not save leftover box relaxer.

Sorry that they are no pictures of her hair. She do not know how to used modern technology and my hands were busy. HOWEVER, you should be ready for a heavy pic post when my relaxer day comes. I am going to have all kinds of pix. LOL. So, be on the look out for that post and other posts. I have plenty of draft posts and I am going to posting like crazy for the rest of week.

Happy Reading!!!

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