Current Hair Info

Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
Current Curly Length: 1/2 inch all over
Current Stretched Curly Length: 1 inch all over
Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
Next Relaxer: May 2015
Last Trim: February 21, 2015

Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


Hair Goals 2015

Hair Goals:

Keep hair rodded for a month
Braid out for a month
Updo for a month
Sew in for a month
Braids for a month
Reach full APL
Graze BSL before 2016

Monday, February 18, 2013

I have been MIA, details inside

Hello, ladies. I apologize for not blogging like I would want to. I have been so busy with school and work. However, I have had time to try to catch up with my blog reading about once a week. So, I would like to catch you up on a few things.

I wrote before that the wedding that I was going to be in was cancelled. So, that was a mess by itself. I had to try to get the money back for my dress. Thankfully, I got my refund. I have no idea why the wedding was exactly cancelled, but she said that she will probably get the plans back going in a few months. I am so thankful that I have time to grow my hair back from that horrible disaster I call my last salon visit.

I wrote a short piece on my last salon visit. About a month ago, I was got hurt, I still do not know exactly what caused it. But I was unable to lift my hands up a certain amount and I was unable to drive and do alot of things for myself. So, I wanted my hair done. Well, the girl who did it combed my hair out. The broken hairs overfilled my hands. I was so pissed. I will never go back to her again. Despite what I saw on the floor and in my hands, My hair ended up not being ALL THAT BAD. I do see where she combed my hair out at. I suffered alot of damage at the nape area due to her not detangling my hair properly. So, I am on a self-diagnosed bootcamp to revamp my hair. I am using Suave Damage Repair Conditioner. I am taking my prenatal vitamins. I am participating in this protective styling challenge and I am not using heat. I am trying to take the best care of my hair.

I relaxed my hair on February 9th. I decided to go ahead and relax since the wedding was cancelled. So I tapped out at 10 weeks. I did not take any length pictures. I did have a good look at my ends and due to the horrible stylist, I am going to need a trim now. I do not plan to do an official length check until after the protective styling challenge and the rollersetting challenge. If I am not mistaken, the rollersetting challenge ends on June 1st, which is my birthday. I plan to relax the day before and have my official length check then. Constantly checking to see progress is annoying. I am going to try to enjoy my hair while protecting my hair until my birthday.

I will not relax my hair again until May 31st. I will not trim my ends until this day.

So, what new products have I been trying?

Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong - I love this conditioner. I have noticed a lot of strength in my hair with the very few uses.

Suave Damage Repair - I am in love with this conditioner. It says on the bottle that it is compared to Redkin products. I have been mixing this conditioner with the aforementioned conditioner as a DC. It works wonderful together.

Suave Professionals Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner -  The bottle claims to add shine to hair. I have seen a great difference with shine.

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smooth and Shine Serum - It adds oil and shine to my hair without wearing my hair down. It controls my frizz wonderfully. I have not tried this with a straight style yet (review in the making with a roller set).

I am going to have to start back designating a blog day. I believe that my next post will be a review on the ONE AND ONLY ARGAN OIL products. I will be doing a 3-in-1 review. It is going to take me a day or two to get it together. But I cannot wait to share my findings with you.


I will be going on this day. I believe that my purchases will be flexi rods and other rollers. TTYL!

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