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Current Relaxed Length: blunt Full SL
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Last Relaxer Date: January 19, 2015
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Current Hair Length

Current Hair Length
February 21, 2015


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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Mommy's Hair **pic included**

So, this is my mother's hair. Well, this is her huge problem area. She has five in all, but this one is that elephant in the room.
Her story? My mother is 44 years old. She has been through those phases where you go through the jerricurl and the pressing comb and other things that I would have no idea it was. LOL. But eventually she wound up with a relaxer. When my mother was in her early twenties, she found out that she has this disease called Sarcoidosis. If you know about it, you have heard that Bernie Mac the comedian suffered with it and Tisha Campell-Martin has it. For the ones who do not know about it, sarc is an immune disease. It is where the body's immune system works so hard to protect itself, that it does more damage than good. Sort of like the saying "Love so much that it can hurt", sarc is the exact same way. Sarcoidosis attacks mainly the lungs, causing breathing issues and pain. Over 90% of sarc patients will have lung issues. However, it can cause massive organ failure with any organ, including the heart. My mother was one of them whose lungs were affected; however, the Lord has blessed my mother where there is no trace of the disease in her lungs. Sarc has no cure, but it can be treated where the symptoms are not overbearing. My mother's sarc is now attacking her eyes. However, she is doing so much better and it is clearing up in her eyes now. So, her health improves more and more. One of the most devastating symptoms of sarc besides lung issues is hair loss, hence my mother's problem area. Sometimes hair does not grow back at all, but I check my mom's hair pretty often. She shows no signs of shiny scalp, which indicates that hair folicules have died and hair will not grow in the area anymore. My mom's scalp looks shiny in the pic, but that is due to the lighting. My mom's hair is on this horrendous rollercoaster. It grows, and then it breaks off. It grows slow, breaks fast. It grows fast and breaks slow. I have encouraged her to finally wear a bonnet to sleep. She has now invested in a satin pillowcase. I have ordered this JBCO, and I am invested in working with her hair as much as I can. My mother has very fine hair. She has to comb her hair a certain way to make sure that her hair is covered in the top. I am grateful for you reading this post, and I hope that you will keep my mother and I in your thoughts and prayers that she will continue to get healthy and that my mom can have a head full of hair that she can wear with confidence and do not have to worry about coverage. Thanks alot. XOXO

PS - I would not post this pic if my mother was not comfortable with me doing so nor share her story. Kudos for my mommy's courage.

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  1. I pray that everything will work in good favour. Read up on some essential oils lavender, tea tree and such I suffer from alopecia and I've been seeing regrowth. There are precautions for those with high blood pressure so do the research



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